Kat Winifred is returning to her tattoo tribe

She’s back!

This week, Inkluded blogger and tattooist Kat Winifred returned to tattooing following her maternity leave.

My son has now reached six months old, so it was time to go back to the real world… work waits for no-one when your self employed!

I am now back at work and starting in a new studio. I am working two days a week at The Inkwell in Bristol. I was unsure how it would go because I have most definitely been affected by what they call “baby-brain”. After having had such a long break I was panicking that I would be running around like a headless chicken!

The Inkwell

The Inkwell

I arrived for my first day bright and early to a shop full of music and was greeted with smiles by the owner of The Inkwell, Aaron Porter.

Tattoo by Aaron, Instagram @Inkyportsthe3rd

Tattoo by Aaron, Instagram @Inkyportsthe3rd

Aaron made me feel very welcome and showed me around as well as making sure I had everything I needed. I set up ready to tattoo my first client. Mirry is one of my regulars, so it’s always a pleasure to tattoo her – she got a warrior woman tattooed on her leg, which very much suits her personality.


Tattoo by Kat Winifred, Instagram @KatWinifred

Tribe 1

Photo by Mirry Thrift

Although I was anxious at first, I got back into my tattoo flow fairly quickly… just like riding a bike! I really enjoyed getting back to tattooing again and my son survived his first day at nursery. All in all, the first day back ended up being pretty awesome.


Tattoo by Aaron, Instagram @@inkyportsthe3rd

In between tattooing I got chatting to Aaron, after all we need to get to know the people we work with, right? We were talking about how you can find ego in this industry and it’s not what I’m about, so I was happy to find Aaron was on the same level.

“We’re tattoo artists, not rock stars.”
Aaron Porter


Tattoo by Aaron, Instagram @@inkyportsthe3rd

Last year I wrote about finding your tribe within the tattooing industry. My ideal workplace would be where people uplift each other and promote a positive environment. I feel like I have struck the jackpot at The Inkwell. My clients have given me feedback that the studio feels very welcoming and that’s my main focus, that my clients feel comfortable getting tattooed where I work. 

Tattoo by Jordan, Instagram @jordansimons

Tattoo by Jordan, Instagram @jordansimons

I also work alongside Jordan who has been tattooing for 2 years, apprenticing under Aaron. Jordan enjoys doing neo-traditional tattoos the most. He likes doing geometric designs too.

On my second day I did a mandala (yay, I love doing mandalas!) for Claire. I was really happy with this and Claire sat so well considering she was feeling rather fragile still from going to a festival at the weekend!


Tattoo by Kat Winifred @katwinifred

Lastly, I did this Knowth Spiral for Francesca. This design had been carved onto rocks in Ireland and dates back to 3,500 years ago – pretty epic!

Tattoo by Kat Winifred, Instagram @katwinifred

Tattoo by Kat Winifred, Instagram @katwinifred

My first week went well. Definitely smiles all round!

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