Review and photos from the 2016 Bristol Tattoo Convention

This weekend Inkluded‘s Kat Winifred headed on over to the 2016 Bristol Tattoo Convention.

Tattoo Artists flocked there from the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA… so considering she was literally round the corner herself, Kat HAD to go and see what all the fuss was about!

2016 Bristol Tattoo Convention Posted by Chris Hopewell

2016 Bristol Tattoo Convention Posted by Chris Hopewell

The Bristol Tattoo Convention is in its second year – in my opinion it was long overdue to have a tattoo convention in this creative city! More than 100 exceptional tattoo artists came to Bristol this weekend to work and show off their portfolios.


Highlights this weekend for me were getting to finally see all the awesome artists I follow, doing their thing. It was great to check out in person who I want to be tattooed by next. I also loved meeting the guys at El Gato Negro because I recently started using their Tattoo Lube and Healing Balm, which I love.

I bought an awesome sketchbook with guidelines to create mandalas, created by Matt Manson and ‘Be kind, Be vegan’ Stickers by Amy Savage as well as picking up some tattooing supplies.

Next year I will definitely get more organised and make sure I get booked in to be tattooed!

Next stop for Inkluded, Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Convention in July.

These photos of the convention were taken by Khali Photography – thanks to him for letting us feature his beautiful photography. He has captured such intimate shots of the artists working despite the big crowds around them!

Bristol 1 Bristol 21 Bristol 20 Bristol 19 Bristol 18 Bristol 17 Bristol 16 Bristol 15 Bristol 14 Bristol 13 Bristol 12 Bristol 11 Bristol 10 Bristol 9 Bristol 8 Bristol 7 Bristol 6 Bristol 5 Bristol 4 Bristol 3 Bristol 2

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