Watch hand-poke tattooing live this weekend

T-shirt design by Mike Love. Modelled by Mike Love. Photo: JustJodie Photography.

T-shirt design by Mike Love. Modelled by Mike Love. Photo: JustJodie Photography

This Saturday 25 June we are going to be streaming LIVE via our Facebook page from Brothers Ink H.Q. in Leicester, so you can learn all about handpoke tattooing from artist Mike Love.

In his second year of tattooing, Mike makes all of his tattoos with no machines or electricity.

“There is something quite exciting about making a tattoo completely by hand,” he says. “It becomes an incredible experience, not just for my clients, but for myself. I feel that with this medium I can deliver something very different and unique.”

Mike 5

Handpoke heart tattoo by Mike Love

Mike 10

Handpoke anchor tattoo by Mike Love

I have had three previous tattoos by Mike, and am returning to get an anatomical heart design (below) this Saturday.

In order to share the wonderful world of Mr Love with you guys, we’re going to be broadcasting live from the studio so you can see what a handpoked tattoo looks like in progress, close-up.

Mike 9

Brothers Ink H.Q. Leicester

Mike 6

Heart tattoo designs by Mike Love

For anyone that doesn’t know the term handpoke, Mike explains…

“I basically use no power, and no machines, purchase viagra online in usa just pre-sterilised needles to gently push pigment into the skin. There are multiple styles and methods of handpoke, from all over the world… for every tattooist it’s different, but most of us are self-taught.”

Mike’s work predominantly consists of bold, black lines and black shading. Despite not using a machine, Mike manages to create continuous, smooth, straight, solid lines. “It has been one of the most difficult things I have ever had to teach myself… it’s not easy!” he says.

Mike 8

Mike’s station and t-shirt

Mike has been involved with Inkluded for a while now, and was one of the artists to create a design for our recent range of t-shirts.

“Many people chose to get a handpoke tattoo because they want to try something new,” says Mike, “that’s what I love the most… giving people new memories and new experiences. Isn’t that what life is for?”

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*apologies in advanced for silly pain faces, sweating, toilet breaks, swearing, etc.

Mike 11

Leg sleeve handpoked by Mike Love

Mike 2

Anatomical heart by Mike Love

Instagram @mistermikelove

Mike 7

Crescent moon tattoo by Mike Love


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