Meet Brett, the guy getting one tattoo every single month

Brett 1

Brett Taylor, a music tutor from Leicester, is dedicating himself to getting one new tattoo per month from a different tattooist in the UK.

Sounding like a guy right up our street, I couldn’t wait to chat to him…

Why have you decided to commit to getting one tattoo per month?

During my late teens and early 20s I developed an eating disorder and anxiety, which led me to have issues with body dysmorphia. Thankfully, I overcame the eating disorder, but the body dysmorphia is something that I still deal with every day.

When I was struggling the most, I found that getting tattooed gave me this incredible release and feeling of calm which would completely get rid of any stress or anxieties I had stewing away. I felt quite scared to do a lot of things and pretty hopeless at times so even just having the nerve to walk into a studio and get booked in made me feel a million times better.

After getting tattooed more regularly, I’m starting to understand that having this little ritual is giving me back the confidence in my body and my mind that I feel I was pretty devoid of over the years.

My commitment to getting tattooed once a month has been happening since September 2015, and quite frankly I’ve never felt happier!

Brett 4

Which artists have done your tattoos so far?

To name a few: Katie Henly, Shelley Willams, Nush Turner, Jody Dawber, Matt Hunt, Ethan Jones, Ruby Quilter, Mike Love, Lydia Amor, also various artists from Studio 81 in Manchester.


Who is on your future list?

I plan to visit Mike Love and Lydia Amor again. In September, I will be visiting Modern Body Art in Birmingham to be tattooed by Mike where can i buy sildenafil Boyd whilst he guests there. He has this really unique style that encompasses bold lines, vivid colouring and a lean to cubism. I’m booked in for the entire day there getting the front of my thigh covered with a print he made, which is an abstract portrait of a lady with turquoise hair. I seriously cannot wait to get this done even though I’m already terrified of how much it will hurt!

October, I’m hoping to visit the Burton Collective in Leicester to see Meg Langdale, to secure a floral piece down my sternum but I am still in the process of booking this.

Other than that I will be playing it by ear for the other months. I’d also love to be tattooed by Jody Dawber again.

Brett 5

Why do you love getting tattooed?

It gives me an outlet to relax and feel more confident about my body. I love being able to have a feeling, moment, idea or design permanently imprinted onto the skin.

The routine and ritual I have developed is making me feel incredibly happy, and has been giving me a confidence in my body I’ve lacked for a long time. If I can get that from something as simple as being tattooed, then I shall continue to commit to it.

I think everybody has their own rituals that make them feel happy and good about themselves – we are all entitled to that no matter what they are. People should strive to discover their own ritual, even if they haven’t before.

I’m just glad I’ve found mine. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Brett 11 Brett 8 Brett 12 Brett 6 Brett 7


  1. Awww! unique idea…………
    I shall also try it. I was wishing that i can hire a tattoo artist on weekly basis. Because i have too much tattoos designs, i like very much. I wish that i get inked 1 my favorite tattoo on my body. After a week, i get remove it and get new one. I am gonna follow this brett’s Idea.


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