The tattoo diaries by Lydia Amor: adulting

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Will I ever be prepared?

Probably not. And I love it.

Actually, no, no… I fucking hate it.

I’ve written about the spontaneous part of me before, which at times I adore about myself. But sometimes, just sometimes, I need a kick to get my shit together and start ‘adult-ing’.

We’re heading off to guest-spot in Berlin in 2 days. Am I ready? I think I am, but in reality… I’m really, really not.

Remember when you were about 5 and you went on holiday with your family, you didn’t need to do anything, except pack your favourite teddy and make your way to the car at 3am in your PJs?

Yeah, that’s still me.

Even after 2 international guest spots and numerous holidays without mumma or papa. I don’t think I’ve accepted that there’s more to it than when I was 5. Luckily I have my Mika Love to look after me a bit and make sure I turn up to the airport on the right day (that’s a story for another day).

Swag from day 1

Swag from day 1

So far, I’ve been pretty talented at avoiding adult responsibility, my life isn’t really that much different to when I was a child. Except obviously I’m allowed to tattoo… somehow? I remember watching and listening to ‘old people’ when I was about 11/12 and thinking, ”I will buy viagra online generic NEVER EVER be how they are” and that’s how I’ve always thought.

I don’t want a life of stress and worry, anger and negativity. So I try my best not to have one. Granted, I don’t always do it in the healthiest or best of ways, but for the majority of the time I do manage it!

I think I created a kind of bubble around myself, which I fill with 100+ stuffed animals called ‘The Boys’. If you open my bag at any point you will most likely find one of The Boys in there. They’re there for moral support.

DokiDoki (above) is my main Boy

DokiDoki (above) is my main Boy

Anyway, back to Berlin.

Me and Mike are guesting at Chorus Tattoo with our friends Nicola Fucili and Dea Ciotti – the most beautiful, talented and genuine people in the world. They came to guest with us in the UK at the beginning of the year and we all just clicked. So much so that they invited us to come work with them for 10 days!

I’m dying to explore the city, hearing so much about it from everyone I talk to has got me pumped! If you fancy following my adventures add me on Snapchat: lydiajayne95.

Well I suppose I should get on with brushing up on my German…. bis später!

P.S. Here are some of my most recent favourite tattoos!

Lydia 1 Lydia 6 Lydia 5 Lydia 4 Lydia 3  Lydia 2


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