Our first ever tattoo zine is now on sale

We are excited to present… Inkluded’s first tattoo zine!

Featuring 32 pages of tattoo photography, drawings, sketches, illustrations and articles.

Including work by tattoo artists:

Lydia Amor, Joanne Baker, Lady Chappelle, Pauly, Fiona Hambleton, Hannya Jayne, Clare Lambert, Mike Love, Dan Metcalfe, Samantha Pixie Robson, Daniel Potter, Max Rathbone, Shaun Williams (pictured), Kat Winifred.

And photographers:

Josh Foster, Niall Patterson, JustJodie

Inkluded 2

Sketches by Shaun Williams

Inkluded is a tattoo blog, founded in 2014. Within these pages you’ll find creations and reflections from our community.

Inkluded was born out of a desire for a tattoo industry built on respect and appreciation of art. We’re passionate about tattoos and want to share that with the world.

Over the last couple of years, Inkluded has unintentionally grown to be a little community of wonderful individuals. This zine brings together this group of people and their creativity together in take-away paper form.

Inkluded 1

Inkluded’s tattoo zine, cover images by Mike Love

What is a zine?

A zine is self-published booklet, created by artists, writers, small brands or movements. They’re unpolished and unusual. They bring together words and images to send a strong message out into the world in an artistic way.

Zines are made using a ‘rough and ready’ kind of paper and ink – making them stand out from the crowd of commercial glossy magazines.

Inkluded 4

Inside pages featuring words by blogger and tattooist Lydia Amor

Update 06/02/17:

Inkluded’s online store is now closed. We have very few items left in stock and these are being sold through Stag & Raven.

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