Inkluded to be part of BBC Radio 4 tattoo series

BBC Radio 4

“Hi, I’m a producer, and I’m looking to make a programme about tattoos…”

With the growing popularity of tattoos, in our industry we hear those words a lot. More often than not, we take a step backwards from questions from the media because we are never sure of how tattoos are going to be portrayed.

Often, when tattoos are mentioned in the news, on the radio, or on television, there’s a horror story present too – someone who has made a tattoo mistake or regret. As tattoo artists and writers, we’re always campaigning and hoping for the positive stories to be told, that truly reflect our creative and beautiful industry.

That’s why, I was pleased to be contacted by BBC Radio 4 recently, who are seeking to make a mini-series about the art of tattooing. The two-part radio documentary will be hosted by art enthusiast Laurence Llewelyn Bowen and will tell narratives that place our sacred craft alongside other forms of art.

Laurence is spending the next couple of months speaking to tattoo collectors, artists and enthusiasts, and I was delighted to be involved and have my say! One afternoon in August, I travelled to London to speak to Laurence about my own views of tattoos – why they are so special to me, why I created cheap generic viagra for sale Inkluded, and the current tattoo climate in the UK.

Months previously, I had spoken to producer Paul about the sort of show the industry needed – all those involved were really keen to hear about this, learn more about Inkluded and make a radio programme that challenges those questions we all receive so regularly.

Why do you put tattoos on your skin? What are you going to look like when you’re older? Are tattoos really ‘art’? What are your tattoo stories? What do they mean to you? In this series, these questions will be asked and tattooed individuals and creators will be able to have their say, publicly for all to hear.

We’re not all bikers, we don’t all listen to heavy metal, we don’t all make mistakes in Magaluf… there are an infinite number of amazing tattoo stories to be told, from an extremely varied and colourful community of individuals. I talked at Laurence about this for a good hour, it’s safe to say he couldn’t get a word in and they had to pry me from the chair when my time was up! 🙂

The shows will be aired on BBC Radio 4 in October – details and dates to be released soon. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.



  1. Really enjoyed the tattoo programme, it really does give you a whole new image, understanding and appreciation of them.


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