Talking tattoos with Vintage Victory Rollers

vintage-victory-rollers-5Here at Inkluded, we’re all about sharing other small creative businesses. Recently, our blogger Kat tattooed Raye Leonard, founder and owner of Vintage Victory Rollers and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to share Raye’s business with you guys!


I was so honoured to tattoo this super girlie lipstick design on Raye!

Vintage Victory Rollers is a collective of vintage stylists who specialise in recreating hair and make-up from the 1920s to 1950s. Raye runs the beautiful salon in Swindon and during the summer months takes a pop-up salon on the road to festivals all over the UK with her team of talented ladies.

I first met Raye through a mutual friend and I have always admired her tattoo collection. She’s had a passion for tattoos from an early age. “Having tattoos is your own identity,” she tells me. “We all have the same canvases… mine, I decided to decorate!” Raye has plans for more in the future including finger tattoos where can i purchase viagra done by traditional bamboo technique.


Raye did the hair for our mutual friend’s hen party a few years ago, and I personally felt so glamorous having my hair done by her! I’ve taken a great pleasure watching Raye turn her passion into a business, and watching Vintage Victory Rollers grow over the last few years.

“The best things about pursuing her passion is that I get to travel, and work with an awesome team of stylists,” says Raye. “Also I love not having to conform to anyone else’s rules!” It’s clear that Raye loves what she does and it’s what has made her business a success. She hinted that salon number two could be on the card in the near future!

Me, caption: I was lucky enough to have a quick updo done after i tattooed Raye as well as a tutorial in victory rolls! What do you think?!

I was lucky enough to have a quick up-do done by Raye, as well as a tutorial in victory rolls! What do you think?!

Vintage Victory Rollers are on Facebook and Instagram so go check them out!



Words: Kat Winifred
Images: Vintage Victory Rollers Facebook Page

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