Inside South Korea’s illegal tattoo scene


I must have literally had my head completely buried in the ground because I have only just stumbled upon the awesome video documentaries that tattooist Grace Neutral has been creating for culture website I-D. Better late than never, eh.

The below video documentary explores South Korea’s underground tattoo scene and attitudes towards beauty. Grace gives an insight into the country’s mainstream influences of K-Pop, cheap viagra india gang culture and plastic surgery, and explores how younger generations are challenging traditional views around body image.

An eye-opening and inspirational video, it’s aroused so many thoughts and questions in my own mind about tattoos, and society’s response to them. This may just be the most interesting mini-documentary I have ever seen about tattoos – please give it a watch, I urge you!



  1. That was amazing! The massive hypocrisy of plastic surgery being encouraged and body art demonised is gobsmacking.


  2. What a brilliant film!!! Loved it, so interesting and eye opening. The girl coming out tattoowise to her parents was emotional! And how amazing did that 7 floor spa look ? Thanks for the article Beccy ?


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