A new show: E4’s ‘Tattoo Artist of the Year’

Details announced so far are on E4's website

Details announced so far are on E4’s website

Update from Inkluded, January 2017:

Further to my blog post in 2016 (below!) I just wanted to update our followers.

I published the below post as Inkluded was originally intended to be involved in this new show airing on E4 this year. I announced this news to our readers in October 2016.

In the end, I was actually only involved in very early discussions and research. It was great to give input into those early brainstorming sessions but I was unfortunately not part of the talent short-listing, programme creation, production, filming or any final decision-making for Tattoo Artist of the Year.

I just wanted to inform you guys formally as I have been getting a lot of enquiries from people over Christmas asking about the show’s format and I am afraid I do not have the answers!

What I do know about the show so far is published on a separate blog here and you can watch the trailer below (released March 2017).

Original post, October 2016:

Anyone who reads my ramblings here on Inkluded, or articles elsewhere, knows that I’ve focused before on the need in this industry for positive reflections of tattooing on our televisions.

As a writer who feels she must represent the viewpoints of this industry, I’m always interviewing artists about their opinions, and channeling your guys’ thoughts out to the media and television production world.

That’s why, I’m actually contacted quite regularly by producers looking to make programmes about tattooing. I feed back to them artist and public opinions over the phone, often meet with these producers, send them links to posts to read, and try to be involved in any way I can, to help shape the future representations of this artistic scene in the best possible way. Recently, I was part of a mini-doc for BBC Radio 4, which was great fun!

Well here’s the big news. There’s a new show on its way in the UK and it’s being created by Studio Lambert. In response to Inkluded’s coverage of Tattoo Fixers last year (and industry opinions), I have now been approached by the company to be involved with this new venture.

The company’s new producer wants to create a TV show unlike anything seen in the UK before. He’s aware of the need for a new format of programme that focuses on art and artists.

The show will be a televised competition… much like the awards at any tattoo convention, professional tattoo artists from across the UK will create work around a particular theme to compete against each other. Whilst showcasing their skills, talent and ability, the programme will educate its watchers about tattoo styles, the design process, artistic inspirations, client challenges and compromises… all of the aspects of tattooing that have previously been un-represented in any television programme. The show won’t concentrate on disasters, it will positively demonstrate different styles and celebrate what it takes to make a good tattoo.

I can’t reveal too much about discussions so far, as nothing is final yet, but the conversations being had are hugely exciting and I’m thrilled to be involved.

The last few years working as a writer in this industry has flown by, and I’ve loved every second. I’m in debt to the amazing artists that make tattooing what it is, and have always strived to give back to the community that’s welcomed me with open arms in the past.

I’m also hugely grateful for the opportunities I have been handed, and for Studio Lambert for giving me the chance to be part of this important step towards something new.

As artists, as humans, we can only achieve our full potential when we work together, when we look ahead, when we take risks, when we move forward.

Words: Beccy Rimmer / Inkluded


  1. I’d just like to make a comment about the first episode of tattoo artist of the year. In the second challenge in this episode, which was either traditional gypsy skull or black and grey skull. An artist sylus was sent home for making a “huge mistake” as Jay called it. This mistake was putting two number tens on the clock face in his tattoo. But the numbers were in roman numerals, the number 10 is X and 9 is IX. so on a half clock face set back behind a scull whee the 9 was obscured it wasn’t two number tens it was half of the number nine!!!!!!


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