Competition and interview with cool brand Sew You Think You Can Stitch

My Inkluded stitch in pride position on my desk at home!

My Inkluded stitch in pride position on my desk at home!

This year I became the proud owner of a custom handmade product from ‘Sew You Think You Can Stitch’ (thanks again, Sam!). The brand’s owner, Emma, took ten minutes out from her stitching to tell us what she’s all about… 

Tell Inkluded readers who you are.

I’m Emma, 29 from West Yorkshire. I’m a full-time adult nurse aspiring to one day work within the cosmetic industry. My spare time consists of hours of creative cross stitching, being a cat and dog mama, exploring live music with my boy, cherishing time with my friends and family and occasionally adding to my tattoo collection!


So what is ‘Sew You Think You Can Stitch’?

SYTYCS is a small independent business run solely by myself. I create modern yet subversive cross stitches and sell them online in my Etsy store. I also offer a custom cross stitch service where customers come to me with gifts ideas for friends and family. I get the privilege of interpreting their ideas into reality. SYTYCS is coming up to its 2nd birthday so keep an eye out for some giveaways coming soon. We have recently teamed up with the ladies at Mysticum Luna who have an amazing shop online – they will be stocking stitches both online and in-store.

Your products are gorgeous, (thanks for our Inkluded design)! How do you make something like this from start to finish?

I am glad you like it! The most important aspect of cross stitching for me is precision. It’s a little bug bear of mine when I can’t quite get all the words to line up correctly! When designing a cross stitch I use pen and paper, come up with a quote and font idea, then plan letter, word and line spacing on paper. This is a lengthy process but satisfying when it’s done. I then choose thread colour and frames. Next comes the stitching which can take me anything from 30 minutes to 6 hours. Lastly, I carefully line up the stitch in the frame and finally see the finished product!


How did you get into cross-stitch?

Around two years ago my boyfriend and I went to Leeds Tattoo Expo where I first noticed someone selling cross stitches. I went home and decided to try it out myself… I would have never thought from that moment, 2 years down the line I would own my own store and be selling stitches to strangers as far as the USA!

Do you have a favourite product you’ve made?

I adore all of my stitches but recently I have made a Everyday is Halloween stitch. I’m a Halloween fanatic and it’s my most favourite time of year. I also had the chance to use some new metallic grey thread that looks super spooky.


Where do you get your inspiration?

A wide range of medias really – I take influences from music, fashion, tattoos, seasons, holidays or from social media. I carry around a tiny note book for when an idea pops into my head.

What is required to make something this intricate? Apart from a steady hand!

Creativeness and an open mind. From an early age, I always had a project and was creating something. Throughout the years I have made jewellery, jewellery boxes, scarfs, blankets and millions of painting and drawings, some of which I have framed up in my home. Crafting relaxes me and to see the finished product at the end gives you a sense of satisfaction.

stitch stitch-5

What are your plans for the future?

To start selling my cross stitches at festivals, tattoo conventions and craft fairs. I also plan on stitching more lyric/band related stitches once Halloween and Christmas are over. I am going to also offer my services to business to display their logo in cross stitch form for their shop displays. My big dream for the future would be to set up a small store and sell other companies’ crafts as well as my own. Never say never!

Tell us one more random fact about yourself.

As a nurse, there is still a stigma around tattoos. It’s often a taboo subject or even frowned upon by patients and colleagues . At the moment I have a total of 25 tattoos including a full sleeve and am going to continue to have many more. I will forever be proud of my tattoos and not take the slightest bit of notice from judgemental individuals.

stitch-9 stitch-8

Amen! Last but by no means least, what is the prize you’d like to offer one of our readers?

One lucky Inkluded reader can win one of my favourite stitches – Not Today Satan (pictured below). To enter, comment on the post on the Inkluded Facebook page and we will pick a winner on Monday 14 November.


Follow SYTYCS on Facebook or browse the Etsy store.

Words: Beccy Rimmer and SYTYCS
Images: SYTYCS

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