10 questions with tattoo artist Chloe Aspey


I had the pleasure of meeting tattoo artist Chloe Aspey last month (and seeing her grab the award for Best Colour Tattoo at Manchester International Tattoo Show… yeah, whatevs, no biggie). I steal her away from the tattoo world for ten minutes to talk life, hash browns and bulldogs…

Describe what tattoos mean to you in one word.


Favourite moment so far working as a tattooer?

Winning my first award at my first convention in Poland (Warsaw Tattoo Days)! I picked up Best Small Colour for a watercolour robin! I was super overwhelmed as I have only been tattooing since January 2015.


Biggest challenge?

Either conventions or the process of tattooing other tattooists! It’s so different but am always honoured that some mega talented artists have my work on their bodies forever.

Favourite type of flower to tattoo?

I absolutely love tattooing peonies and roses! I love the amount of petals and detail in them and love being able to take my time and work at them. I think they look super pretty in the watercolour style that I tattoo! I could can i buy viagra over the counter tattoo flowers all day.


Favourite animal?

A french bulldog. Fo sho. Love those little guys. Can’t wait to have my own and call him Bert.

Three things you do in your spare time.

My life outside tattooing is actually pretty boring. Can’t beat a good crossword or sudoku puzzle in bed! I obviously love to design on my iPad Pro. Love movies. Love food. ALL THE FOOD.

How would your friends describe you?

My friends would probably describe me as absolutely mental to be quite frank. Always the one doing stupid stuff for a laugh.


If you could only eat one food forever what would it be?

I would eat McDonald’s breakfast hash browns ’till I die. I would bathe in them. They are life.

Three tattooists you admire.

Lianne Moule, Freddie Albrighton, Phil Garcia.


Tell us something fun or interesting you have planned for the future.

Im guesting over at Underground Ink in Dublin 24 – 27 February, and also working the Scottish Tattoo Convention in March 2017!

Explore more of the artists’ work on her Instagram.

chloe-aspey-2 chloe-aspey-9 chloe-aspey-11

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