Is the tattoo industry really broken?!


Custom Tattoo Design are a company based in Canada. The team there have a bold viewpoint.

“The tattoo industry is broken and frankly is notorious for horrible customer service,” Custom Tattoo Design told Inkluded. “The reality is that getting a tattoo is a lifelong decision and it can become an overwhelming process when you have never dealt with anyone in the industry. Having your own ‘Custom Tattoo Design’ takes the fear and anxiety out of going into a tattoo shop for the first time. For the 70% of customers who have tattoos and come to us, they simply want to see and hold their final design before they get inked. They’ve been through the process and understand how 9 out of 10 times going to a shop for a design leaves you with what the artist recommends instead of what you want.”


The company have been creating custom designs for tattoo clients for 5 years. So why do some people opt for this controversial method?

“It gives first time customers the ability to make all the changes they want,” says Custom Tattoo Design. “This empowers the customer and helps grow the industry by connecting the artist and the client with a clear vision. Regardless of if the tattoo artists make minor alterations before the tattoo is applied, the process is much smoother and everyone is clear on the objective.”

“In most cases the tattoo artist will draw a simple sketch and talk the customer into making changes that suit their own style or preference. If you booked your tattoo on a Tuesday and you see the sketch 5 minutes before your appointment, how can you possibly make changes? In most cases first time customers trust the artist and end up getting something much different than they planned in their head. Unless the design is a very basic one, customers often end up leaving with something completely different than anticipated.”


The guys at Custom claim: “The simple and blunt fact of the matter is that most tattoo artists don’t want to draw your tattoos. They want to get paid to tattoo. And they get paid a lot of money to do just that. Can you blame them? Don’t get me wrong, many tattoo artists love the artistic part of the business but they are few and far between. Customers change their mind all the time, especially regarding large pieces like full sleeves. So while the artist takes the time to draw something great, the customer walks away. The tattoo artists get paid nothing? This isn’t fair to them or their time; so Custom Tattoo Design was born to fill this void.”

WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS AND EXPERIENCES. What do you think about this tattoo process? Have you ever taken a pre-drawn design into a studio, and were you happy with the end result?

Comment below and tell us what you think.

Find out more about Custom Tattoo Design on their website.

eagle-backdiver-sleeve foo-dog-chest butterfly-back eightball-sleeve

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  1. Interesting article.
    In my experience I’ve found similar sights tend to create designs that work well in a frame handing on someone’s wall. But make for badly aging tattoos.
    Every tattooist I respect/trust puts an incredible amount of knowledge and care into the designing of tattoos. An important part of the process which we are not paid for. So if tattooists were to charge the same as this company for designs, we would be able to take time away from tattooing to design customers tattoos well in advance of their appointments & still be able to pay our rent.
    These sights obviously have people wanting their service, but my advise is always the same. Spend time finding a tattoo style you like, research a Tattoo Artist who specialises in that style, check out their portfolio & then arrange to have a consultation. You will get a good feel for whether they are on the same wave length & have your best interests at heart simply by talking to them. Hx


  2. I became a tattoo artist because I enjoy drawing people’s ideas.

    these poorly-planned photoshopped fake tattoos aren’t things that would age well on real skin in real life.

    choose a tattoo artist because you like their style and the way they draw.

    this article is misinformation, people who don’t know how tattoos age into the skin, non tattoo artists trying to profit from tattooing- this is the stuff that’s “killing tattooing”.


  3. I have 13 years of professional tattoo experience and this is all such a load of crap. Non-tattooers trying to make a buck off our industry while trashing it. NONE of these designs are tattooable. It is easy enough to find people who do quality work by checking portfolios, without wasting your money paying for a cheap digital crap design that can’t even be translated to skin, and even if it could, would look like a big mess in 5 years.


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