Competition: win this bundle of tattoo moisturisers worth £200


Our friends at tanning company Cyrano are offering one lucky Inkluded reader the chance to win all 7 of these awesome tattoo moisturisers. I’ve been sent a bundle myself so once the sunshine arrives in England (I’m not holding my breath!) I will be testing this stuff for myself and reporting back.

This Christmas bundle includes a range of different awesome shiz. Sun-protection lotions, bronzers, and tanning-enhancement creams (for both outdoor and sun-bed use, whatever your preference). In addition, they can all be used as general moisturisers!

The generous selection, worth well over £200, includes:

  • Australian Gold SPF Tattoo Stick (SPF 50, intense moisturiser, handy stick bottle)
  • JWoww Colour Protection (keeps tattoos bright, reduces colour damage from sunlight, includes vitamins and minerals to strengthen the skin)
  • Australian Gold Pretty Fierce (hydrates skin, protects tattoos, darkens skin colour)
  • Australian Gold G-Gentlemen Intensifier (includes Colour-Guard Tattoo Technology, protects tattoo, seals moisture)
  • Australian Gold G-Gentlemen Instant Bronzer (bronzer, moisturiser, includes Colour-Guard Tattoo Technology)
  • Australian Gold G-Gentlemen Black Bronzer (bronzer, moisturiser, includes Colour-Guard Tattoo Technology)
  • Australian Gold G-Gentlemen Tan Extender (bronzer, moisturiser, includes Colour-Guard Tattoo Technology)

The reality TV star and tattoo enthusiast JWoww has just released her new range of products, so it’s pretty hot-off-the-press that you’re getting the chance to try a bottle of her lotion, which normally retails at £28.

JWoww Tattoo Colour Protection

JWoww Tattoo Colour Protection

JWoww in Inked Magazine 2016

JWoww in Inked Magazine 2016

The celebrity was recently on the cover of American tattoo magazine, Inked, who have been documenting the progress of her gothic Disney sleeve tattoo. The piece is being created by US artist and former InkMaster contestant Sarah Miller.

All of JWoww’s new products (and Australian Gold’s above) are developed with the aim of preserving your tattoos in mind. Sun can make your tattoos fade over time, but unless you’re willing to sacrifice your precious sun-worshipping moments (I know I’m not), then it’s worth using moisturisers to protect your ink.

Australian Gold Pretty Fierce

Australian Gold Pretty Fierce

To enter our competition, email with your name and address, and the subject line TATTOO CREAM COMP. I’m afraid I am unable to reply to every entry, but if you do win, I will let you know on Monday 19 December. Good luck!

Lastly, all this sun-kissed goodness calls for a drama-filled JWoww Jersey Shore clip.

Yep, cat’s out the bag, JS is my guilty pleasure. Sue me.

These creams are not recommended tattoo aftercare – that’s a whole different ball game entirely! Read our guide here on what to do with your fresh new tattoos.


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