We did it! Inkluded is a UK Blog Awards 2017 finalist


I am delighted to announce that… we’re going to the ball! Inkluded is through to the final of the UK Blog Awards 2017.

If you remember, last month this blog was in the running (alongside loads of others) to be considered for a UK Blog Award, in the categories of ‘Lifestyle‘ and ‘Arts and Culture‘. In order to get through to the actual final, giving us the chance to win this prestigious title at a London awards ceremony in April, we first needed your help.

For weeks, I hassled you all to show your support, knowing that the eight blogs with the most community votes would be the ones to take the next step into ‘the final’.


Inkluded is through. We are now up for being considered as ‘the best’ UK ‘Arts and Culture‘ blog, along with seven other really cool sites. Industry experts will now debate and judge, and the one winner will be announced at the event in a few months’ time.

I’m so proud of our network. Inkluded wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the epic support of our followers, so I owe you all a huge thank you and a high five (actually, make that a high ten).

Photography by Kamila Burzymowska

Photography by Kamila Burzymowska

Winning this award would be a huge step, for both the blogging, and tattoo industries. With deep-rooted traditions, the UK tattoo industry can be hard to ‘break into’ as new creative talent. High-profile female tattoo bloggers are few and far between (in comparison to other industries such as music or fashion). So are reliable web sources of education and inspiration.

But changes are happening. As tattoos become increasingly popular, it’s not just the perceptions of tattooed women that are shifting but tattoos themselves – they’re finally being accepted in other fields as an art (rather than ‘Beauty’ or ‘Fashion’). New strong voices, artists and non-profit communities are emerging. Winning an award would help make a statement about the changing status of tattoos, how deeply interesting, accessible and inclusive their tales can be. Tattoos mean a great deal to a wide range of people, cultures, genders and ages. The variety of their artistic impact is limitless. More on this subject here.

A huge thanks again to everyone who voted. Keep an eye out on our social media channels on Friday 21 April as I’ll be live posting from the UK Blog Awards 2017 Finalist Ceremony.

Wish me luck!

Now, what shall I wear…?!

OOTD? ;-)


Check out the other finalists in our category or read our awards blurb to find out more about Inkluded.

Photography by Kamila Burzymowska

Photography by Kamila Burzymowska

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