New Inkluded store flash sale gives you 50% off all items

Ryan and Jimmy Header

Vest by Jimmy Scribble and t-shirt by Ryan Ousley, now in the Inkluded sale

Hey peeps! Before I tell you about our sale, firstly I want to say a HUGE thank you to every single person who has bought something from the online store since it launched, and to all the talented tattoo artists who made this happen. I hope our customers love their items as much as I loved making them.

We ran a few discount sales in late 2016, andĀ I’m now in the process of tidying up our stock as I am about to move house! There are a few items left that I’m giving away with a massive 50% off the original price. Just ’cause I want to see them go to a good home šŸ™‚

Tote bag by Kat Winifred

Tote bag by Kat Winifred

There are loads of products to choose from, all designed by UK tattoo artists. Tote bags, t-shirts, vests, stickers and our new tattoo zine that we released in 2016. The zine includes artwork and photography from Inkluded’s tattoo community.

To make the most of the flash sale, justĀ enter the code ‘fifty’ at checkout, you’ll get 50% off your entire order. Zines, vests, bags and t-shirts are ready to go – browse the store now and treat yourself!

I’d love to hear your feedback on stuff you’ve bought (in our sale or previously). Which designs were your favourite? Are there any artists you’d want to see products from in the future? Comment below or email us

Inkluded's tattoo zine

Inkluded’s tattoo zine

Update 06/02/17:

Our online store is now closed. We have very few items left in stock and these are beingĀ sold through Stag & Raven.

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