Seeing this tattooed Sphynx cat just breaks my heart :-(

Tattooed Sphynx

A tattoo fanatic in Russia has been all over the news today after photos of his tattooed sphynx cat emerged online.

Animal rights activists (and just other decent human beings, no doubt) have had something to say about this controversial story that reveals the man has been tattooing his pet.

Online news states that the cat was drugged with anaesthetics and then given a series of tattoo designs. Pictures on websites this morning show the poor kitty lifeless as he is given the tattoos.

The man, Aleksandr, said: “Of course I feel pity for doing it to him. It’s not like he wanted to do it himself. He has a different skin, so tattoos are applied differently. I hope it is not too bad for him, it is not his first tattoo. Usually he feels to buy viagra online canada fine and recovers from the anaesthesia pretty fast.”

Tattooed Sphynx

Photo: Metro / CEN

Yelizaveta Skorynina, an animal rights activist has been speaking up about the dangers of giving any animal anaesthetics unnecessarily, not to mention the trauma to the pet physically and mentally.

The black and grey tattoos that are now marked permanently on cat, Demon, include a prison tower and a cigarette. They are said to represent traditional Russian criminal tattoos.

Tattooed Sphynx

Photo: Metro / CEN

It’s hard to know whether stories like this are real, but seeing this cat just breaks my heart and makes me feel so sorry for this helpless animal. What do you think?

See more of the story on the Metro website.

Tattooed Sphynx

Photo: Metro / CEN

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