Better not stop: one girl’s mission to support tattooing around the world

New guest writer and owner of Stag & Raven, Hannah Cox, is just about to leave her home in Manchester. She’s here to tell you about what the world has to offer when it comes to tattoos and happiness.

Tattooing around the world - Stag & Raven

Stag & Raven, based in Afflecks, Manchester. As you can see, they LOVE tattoo prints!

Stag & Raven

Firstly, let’s backtrack. I want to start by letting you know a little bit about Stag & Raven.

I started the brand with my best friend Kate in 2014. We both love tattoo art but couldn’t find anywhere central online to buy it so had to rely on heading to tattoo conventions to adorn our walls with incredible art.

We felt there was an opportunity to create a business that we cared about while also investing in the creative tattoo community by commissioning designs that provide a secondary income to tattoo artists.

Tattoos around the world - Hannah Cox

Kate and Hannah!

Tattoos around the world - Hannah Cox

Hannah Cox, co-owner of Stag & Raven

We begun working with just six fantastic tattoo artists and we now sell work from over fifty. We continue to grow and launch new products every month. As well as commissioning exclusive and limited-edition designs, we also partner with tattoo artists and aim to provide a free support system for them to sell their work online.

We list their products, take the photos, post items and handle their customer service. We also stock them in our store, support them through social media, blogging, PR marketing and online advertising. What that means is, when you buy from us, you are directly supporting the tattoo artist community!

Basically, we believe in affordable, quality artwork that benefits the artists creating it.

Tattooing around the world - Stag & Raven

Tattoo prints for sale via Stag & Raven, designed by UK tattooist Maddison Magick

There’s a world out there

We launched the brand in 2015, weeks before I was due to go off on a moped trip around Vietnam. I still went, and built most of the website fuelled by Vietnamese coffee and dodgy wifi (no, really)…

Tattoos around the world - Hannah Cox

Vietnam! Photo by Hannah Cox

Tattoos around the world - Hannah Cox

Vietnam! Photo by Hannah Cox

I’ve always had the travel bug and when we started the business I told Kate I had a big adventure planned for 2017. I can’t believe this far-away date has now finally arrived! Whilst Kate continues to run our Manchester store, I’m heading off on an overland adventure around the world (whilst running my part of the business from my laptop)!

My story for Inkluded

Why are you telling us this?! I hear you cry.

From now on I will be keeping a monthly Inkluded diary to document tattooing around the world. I’m excited to visit tattoo studios in amazing new places and admiring the art of tattoo artists from all around the world. I want to share this journey with you.

My overland trip is taking me through Eastern Europe, The Baltic States, Russia, Mongolia, China, South East Asia and India. If any Inkluded fans out there know of any tattoo artists or studios that I should check out on my journey, please comment below so I can get in touch.

That’s enough from me for now… things to do and better not stop!

I will report back soon. The world awaits…

Tattoos around the world - Hannah Cox

Bye bye England…

Tattoos around the world - Hannah Cox

The world awaits. Photo by Hannah Cox


  1. Hi there.
    I’m an enthusiastic Inkluded lover and really excited to hear about your travel plans. My BF (artist) and I are about to do something similar around Europe in our self built camper van and I’d love know if you will be blogging your trip entirely through Inkluded or if I can also follow you elsewhere?

    Good luck and stay safe,



  2. Thanks Jo – Link to my travel site is above, it should be set up in the next few weeks. Would be cool to see if we can meet up at some point! XX


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