Pauly creates bold and beautiful black tattoos that make a statement


Rose chest tattoo by Pauly

This Birmingham-based tattooist makes perfectly solid black tattoos.

Made from bold black shapes and lines, these firm artworks are like stickers, placed delicately on the skin of their wearers. From captivating portraits to simple two-dimensional flowers, Pauly has created his own distinguishable tattoo style.

Despite utilising nothing but black ink (and the creative ideas from the artist’s brain, of course), these striking artworks are instantly recognisable as his own.


Photo by Lewis David Photography


Wednesday Addams tattoo


Obsess and Create, a custom jacket design

Located at Second City Tattoo Club, Pauly has also recently been creating bespoke pieces of clothing by decorating them with beautiful lettering.

As someone obsessed with roses, I’ve subconsciously chosen to showcase many of Pauly’s unique floral pieces in this blog. As one of his well-known specialities, I’m sure he won’t mind!


Beautiful black face rose tattoo, a cover-up

He also recently made a tattoo zine that you can buy online here for just a fiver.

Get involved.


Get It Done, a tattoo zine


Rose tattoo


Rose tattoo by Pauly

Tattoos can take so many different forms. Sometimes they use colour, shading and highlights, and sometimes they don’t.

These seemingly simple, yet technically precise, pieces of art capture something truly unique about tattoos – their ability to make an uninterrupted statement.

Intricate back tattoo by Pauly

Intricate back pattern-work and flower tattoo

Photo: Josh Foster

Photo of the artist at work, by Josh Foster


PMA lettering tattoo


Fuck life. Tattoo by Pauly on Max’s arm


Flowers and portrait tattoo


Death tattoo design sketch


Black-work rose tattoo on the inner arm


Hate and spider web custom design created on a denim jacket

See more of the artist’s work by following him on Instagram.

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