Inkluded’s new store partner Stag and Raven

I am so thrilled to finally announce that Inkluded is partnering with UK tattoo art brand Stag & Raven.

Today we can reveal that I’m not only moving current stock over to their site, but we are also working together on a new, exclusive range for 2017.

Stag and Raven

Stag & Raven, Afflecks, Manchester

In the following months, Inkluded’s online store will go live on the S&R website. You will still be able to buy existing Inkluded products, at exactly the same price, but this time, via their online shop.

As well as permanently being based in their Manchester city centre store, Stag & Raven will also be heading to many tattoo conventions this year.

You’ll finally be able purchase Inkluded stock in person – at these events and in Afflecks, Manchester.

Tatcon Blackpool

Inkluded’s merchandise on sale at Blackpool Tatcon 2016

About Stag & Raven

Stag & Raven is ran by tattoo enthusiasts Kate and Hannah.

“Back in 2014 we thought it would be a good idea to start a business together,” they said. “We both love tattoo art but couldn’t find anywhere central online to buy it so had to rely on heading to conventions to adorn our walls with incredible tattoo art. That’s why we started Stag & Raven.”

Stag and Raven

Jesse Singleton prints, Stag & Raven

After admiring their cool store for years, I’ve recently been meeting up with the girls. We wanted to share the stories of our brands and work together somehow. One thing became clear very quickly…

Inkluded and Stag & Raven share exactly the same mission – to showcase great tattoo art and support artists. Like us, Kate and Hannah have strong values when it comes to their store. They use it to create a secondary income for artists. Like us, their priority is never to make a profit for themselves.

Stag and Raven

Susanna Widmann print, Stag & Raven

I have always campaigned for stronger and more frequent tattoo brand collaboration. At Inkluded, we’re always shouting about other tattoo brands, magazines, blogs and stores.

After all agreeing that there is no room for competition in this friendly, artistic industry, the girls and I decided to join forces. It made complete sense to combine our stores in this exciting and ground-breaking way.

Stag and Raven

Stag and Raven

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates coming soon.

Hannah is going to be blogging more for Inkluded in the future as she embarks on a huge trip around the world to explore tattooing in other cultures and manage the S&R brand remotely.

Tattoos around the world - Hannah Cox

Hannah Cox, co-owner of Stag & Raven

In the meantime, the Inkluded online store is now closed. We’ll be sure to let you know once our section is live on the S&R site.

As mentioned, we’re also cooking-up an exciting new line of stuff for later this year, so… stay tuned!

A huge thank you to all of the incredible tattooists who have worked with us so far, and every single person who has purchased one of our products.

Beccy, Hannah, Kate x

Stag and Raven

Inkluded’s t-shirts designed by Jimmy Scribble and Ryan Ousley will be available soon via Stag & Raven

Artwork by Charlotte Timmons, Stag & Raven

Artwork by Charlotte Timmons, Stag & Raven

Stag and Raven

Stag & Raven prints designed by tattoo artists

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