El Gato Negro are giving away free tattoo aftercare

El Gato Negro

Last month I got tattooed by an artist I love called Hannya Jayne and walked away with a free sample of El Gato Negro tattoo aftercare balm – thanks Hannya!

It’s 100% natural, organic and vegan, and made from nothing but oils that are great for the skin. I have a bundle of samples to share with you all – details below!

El Gato Negro

Rose tattoo by El Gato Negro sponsored artist Conner Young

Following our recent article about the industry’s move away from using Bepanthen as a product for tattoo healing, I’ve been really thinking hard about what I, myself, love to use on my new tattoos. There are so many choices out there – what am I personally happy to recommend to my readers? We’ve got more exciting collaborations and competitions to announce this month on this theme – more of that soon!

In the meantime, I’m delighted to promote this awesome balm from Sarah at El Gato Negro. I know so many great tattooists who align themselves with this particular brand.

I’m excited to tell you that I have a load of freebies to give away to Inkluded readers! Not just of their aftercare healing balm, but a general moisturiser and a product for tattooists, too.

El Gato Negro

Close-ups! In progress tattoo by Hannya Jayne

What we are giving away

We have 4 different packs to give away:

  • x2 for tattooists (includes x1 healing balm, x1 permacolour and x1 tattooist lube)
  • x2 for tattoo lovers (includes x1 aftercare and x1 permacolour)

About the products

  • Tattooist Lube is to be used whilst working on the skin – can reduce swelling and redness for artists tattooing
  • Permacolour is an every-day moisturiser to use on healed tattoos – keeps your tattoos looking vibrant
  • Tattoo Healing Balm does what it says on the tin!
El Gato Negro

American Horror Story tattoo by Kay Eliza Unicorn

How to enter

Information on how to enter the competition is over on our Facebook page.

You need to comment on the post to enter (all details explained there)!

El Gato Negro

Tattoo by Zack Chiswell, photo: Instagram

El Gato Negro

Healed and fresh tattoos by El Gato Negro sponsored artist Beau Tattoo, photo from Instagram

El Gato Negro

By El Gato Negro artist Hollie May Wall

El Gato Negro

Freebies waiting for you!

Terms and conditions

  • One entry per person
  • Competition closes Tuesday 21 February
  • UK entrants only, we are unable to ship internationally

Find out more about El Gato Negro on their website!


  1. I am in the middle of having a full back done and tried a friends aftercare balm of yours and it was amazing please can you send me some!!!


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