Meet Moohouse, the little but meaningful vegan tattoo

Do you have a tattoo that represents your love for veganism? And more importantly, have you named him (or her)?

Following my recent exploration of the connection between tattooing and veganism, the lovely Leah contacted me to share her meaningful tattoo.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet… Moohouse.

I absolutely LOVE sharing your tattoo stories and meanings, no matter now big or small. Got something you want to say? Email:

Meet Leah...

Meet Leah…

Hey, I’m Leah! I’ve been vegan for nearly a year now and was vegetarian for two years before that.

I chose to go vegan primarily out of love for animals. I have two dogs and a cat who are my absolute world and I’d think to myself, “if they were pigs or cows would I view them any differently?”

I don’t like to be too preachy about my diet and lifestyle but it’s honestly the best decision I’ve ever made. I feel healthier, I enjoy my food more and (as crazy as it sounds) it’s helped me mentally as well as physically. I love knowing that I’m living a life that causes less harm to those around me.

Photo: Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash

To commemorate this life decision I recently decided to get a tattoo from cruelty-free tattoo artist Kayla Moon, based at Age of Elegance in Wolverhampton. 

I’ve been a self-confessed tattoo addict since I was eighteen. Veganism is now such a big part of my life and has helped me so much. I wanted a tattoo to symbolise this.

I like to think of tattoos as a decoration of my body that connect who I am inside to how I look outside. It only seemed right to honour veganism with a place on my body.

Vegan tattoo

Oh hey, Moohouse

Me and Kayla agreed on a cow wearing a flower crown for the tattoo. The cow will form part of what will soon be a full sleeve to symbolise all things peace and love! Kayla’s dot-work is breathtaking and she’s also vegetarian thinking of making the transition to vegan – she was a perfect choice to do this tattoo, now named Moohouse

Tattoos for me tell a story, they remind me of what I was doing at each point in my life. I love my new tattoo.

Kayla Moon tattoos in Wolverhampton. See more of her beautiful work on Instagram @kaylamoontattoo

Kayla Moon tattoos in Wolverhampton. See more of her beautiful work on Instagram @kaylamoontattoo

Vegan tattoo by Kayla Moon

Vegan tattoo by Kayla Moon

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