BBC Three’s ‘Things not to say to people with tattoos’

Earlier this year I was part of BBC Three‘s series ‘Things Not to Say to…’ as they explored a subject matter close to my heart… tattoos!

Watch the video below and let me know what you think! Do you get asked any of these questions? Do people make presumptions about your personality because you are tattooed?

I personally do welcome discussion around my tattoos (as a tattoo blogger, duh, obviously) but sometimes I find it’s not what people say but rather how they say it or the manner in which they approach me that can be frustrating. There can be a difference between discussing these things calmly with a friend in a social situation and being alarmingly shouted at and stroked from behind whilst standing in the queue at Co-op (safe to say I had a reet go at the guy who did this to me)!

Tattooed people hear identical questions time and time again, but so do other frequently misunderstood ‘groups’ like Vegans (see other videos). This series aims to explore these recurring statements we receive – it encourages us to question – do we live in quite a narrow minded society? One that gets confused when we don’t all look the same or follow the same lifestyle choices? I’d recommend checking out the other videos that are eye-opening and funny at the same time.

On a side note, I’ll have to turn off my computer today to stop myself wandering into the YouTube comments! I’ve glanced at them on previous videos in this collection and – much like the people we discuss in the videos themselves – folk can get pretty personal sometimes… ahhh, the irony!

Over and out!

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