New London art space aims to bridge the gap between visual art and tattooing

Photo: The NR Project

NR Studios based in Exeter, Cheltenham (pictured) and London

Here is a UK tattoo space like no other.

NR (No Regrets) Studios in London has just announced a new strand of curated work with a very strong mission – to bridge the existing gap between the visual arts and tattoos, through a varied programme of interesting and experimental art events.

The tattoo studio was originally opened with a desire to “create a platform that will enable tattooists to create projects never done before”. That’s why their Bethnal Green space isn’t just for tattooing – it’s also home to a large art gallery that the team admit changes the tattoo environment drastically: “we like to think of this as the future of tattooing.”

Photo: The NR Project

Photo: NR Studios has various studio spaces in the UK including Exeter, Cheltenham (pictured) and London

This month the studio announced a creatively-imagined programme of events under the new title The NR Project – a campaign that aims to bring tattoo artists together in exciting collaborative ways, and encourages visitors and clients to think about tattooing as the art-form that is it.

The official launch of The NR Project will coincide with the gallery space’s first new ‘live art’ exhibition, There Is No Present Like Time. Curated by arts writer Inês Valle, this immersive visual experience will fuse image, sound, performance and technology to share the stories of three artists currently pushing the boundaries of tattooing – Carola Deutsch, Hanumantra and A++VOID.


Tattoo artist A++VOID

Following this one-night exhibit, The NR team and entrepreneur Ben Lakin’s next endeavour will bring artists together in a truly ground-breaking way. A week in late July will see six world-class tattoo artists visit the art studio to work together on an exciting and unique tattoo collaboration titled The Kaos Project.

Throughout the intense week, the creative minds will repeatedly pair up to create tattoo work on skin together. After swapping partners, stories, inspirations and art-styles, the end of the week will result in 15 beautiful final hybrid creations, 15 new collaborative tattoos that now live on human bodies forever.

The Kaos Theory Project

The Kaos Theory Project

Artists taking part in The Kaos Project week, which begins on 11th July, include Benjamin Laukis, Jay Freestyle, Ryan ‘The Scientist’ Smith, Julian Siebert, Jenna Kerr and Jorge Becarra.

Exciting stuff. I’ll be travelling to London for the launch on 7th and interviewing the artists for an upcoming feature in Skin Deep Magazine. Stay tuned.

The NR Project is based at 6 Minerva Street, London E2 9EH.

Photo: The NR Project

Photo: The NR Project’s London space

Carola 2

Tattoo work by Carola Deutsch

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