Stag & Raven clothing and print range: meet Ashley Luka

Ashley's Zebra design is available on clothing and as a print

Ashley’s ZEBRA design is available on clothing and as a print. Photo: Kirsty Ann Photography

The new Stag & Raven Inkluded range is out now!

Products designed by tattooists can be bought via the Stag & Raven website. Inkluded readers have an exclusive discount of 20% with the code ‘INKLUDED20′.

Myself and the ladies at Stag & Raven (Kate and Hannah) have been cooking up this new exciting collaboration for the last few months and are so excited to finally share these gorgeous art-works with you.

Ten UK tattoo artists have created custom designs that you can purchase as prints, vests, t-shirts, iPhone cases and more.


In these quick Q&As, you’ll find out more about the artist behind the design.

Say hello to – Ashley Luka

Photo: Instagram @AshleyLuka

Photo: Instagram @AshleyLuka

Name: Ashley Luka
Based: The Square Tattoo Studio, Solihull, UK
Instagram: @AshleyLuka

Describe your art style in three words.

Bright, colourful, girly.

When did you realise that you wanted to be an artist?

I’ve been interested in art my whole life. I don’t think there was ever a defining moment, it just kind of happened (thankfully!).

Photos: Instagram @AshleyLuka

Photos: Instagram @AshleyLuka

Which other artists influence you?

Emily Rose Murray is my absolute favourite tattooer! As for artists, I love Audrey Kawasaki and Sylvia Ji.

Do you have any particular goals you want to achieve as a tattoo artist?

I’d like to tattoo in every country!

Ashley's beautiful ZEBRA design

Ashley’s beautiful ZEBRA design

Which upcoming tattoo conventions are you working at?

Norwich and New Zealand.

If you weren’t tattooing, what job would you do.

I wanted to be a vet!

Tattoo by Ashley Luka

Tattoo by Ashley Luka 

Recommend an album we should listen to this week.

Avalanche United by I Am The Avalanche.

It’s just one of my fave albums and every song is strong from start to finish!

Any last words?

Go vegan. ✌🏻

Ashley's zebra design

Ashley’s ZEBRA design as a vest. Photo: Kirsty Ann Photography

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