Stag & Raven clothing and print range: meet Emma Garrard

A3 print by Emma Garrard

A3 ABUNDANCE print by Emma Garrard. Photo: Kirsty Ann Photography

The new Stag & Raven Inkluded range is on sale!

Products designed by tattooists can now be bought via the Stag & Raven website. Inkluded readers have an exclusive discount of 20% with the code ‘INKLUDED20′.

Myself and the ladies at Stag & Raven (Kate and Hannah) have been cooking up this new exciting collaboration for the last few months and are so excited to finally share these gorgeous art-works with you.

Ten UK tattoo artists have created custom designs that you can purchase as prints, vests, t-shirts, iPhone cases and more.


In these quick Q&As, you’ll find out more about the artist behind the design.

Say hello to – Emma Garrard

A3 print by Emma Garrard

A3 ICARO print by Emma Garrard. Photo: Kirsty Ann Photography

Name: Emma Garrard
Based: Living At Collective, Bournemouth, UK
Instagram: @Emma_Garrard

Describe your art in three words.

Process of exploration.

Instagram @Emma_Garrard

Instagram @Emma_Garrard

What jobs did you do before becoming a tattoo artist?

I’ve always been doing art part-time but alongside that I did a wide range of different work – everything from working in bars to selling insurance!

Which artists influence you?

I am really inspired by visionary artists such as Alex Grey, Ernst Fuchs, Amanda Sage, Daniel Mirante and Luke Brown. In the tattoo scene, I love Xed LeHead, Jo Harrison, David Corden and Matthew James.

One of Emma's art-works on sale

The ABUNDANCE design

Do you have any particular dreams for the future?

To collaborate, exhibit and live paint at transformational festivals.

For my shop, Living Art Collective in Bournemouth, to have a global reputation for training, developing and producing top quality artists and work.

On a personal level, to create work that helps develop community and personal spiritual growth, enabling us to connect better and grow positively.

What advice would you give to any up and coming artists?

Follow your heart! The most important thing is to love what you do and to share that experience.

Tattoo by Emma Garrard

Tattoo by Emma Garrard

Are you doing any shows this year that people should know about?

I am exhibiting at Oregon Eclipse Festival this August. I worked at tattoo conventions in Goa, New York and Vancouver earlier this year.

Describe your perfect day!

In a field, with friends, good tunes and glitter.

Any last words?

Thank you for this opportunity to share my work and ideas.

Emma in Vancouver, 2017

Emma in Vancouver, 2017

More links:

Tattoo by Emma

Tattoo by Emma

Instagram @Emma_Garrard

Instagram @Emma_Garrard

The ICARO design

The ICARO design

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