Stag & Raven clothing and print range: meet Hollie May Wall

Hollie's RAVEN print

Hollie’s RAVEN print. Photo: Kirsty Ann Photography

The new Stag & Raven Inkluded range is on sale!

Products designed by tattooists can now be bought via the Stag & Raven website. Inkluded readers have an exclusive discount of 20% with the code ‘INKLUDED20′.

Myself and the ladies at Stag & Raven (Kate and Hannah) have been cooking up this new exciting collaboration for the last few months and are so excited to finally share these gorgeous art-works with you.

Ten UK tattoo artists have created custom designs that you can purchase as prints, vests, t-shirts, iPhone cases and more.


In these quick Q&As, you’ll find out more about the artist behind the design.

Say hello to – Hollie May Wall

Name: Hollie May Wall
Based: The Old Smithy Tattoo Parlour, Leek
Instagram: @HollieMayTattooist

Describe your work in just three word!

Unique abstract illustrations.

Tattoo by Hollie

Tattoo by Hollie May

When did you first know you wanted to be an artist?

At high school. Art was the only subject I excelled at and enjoyed.

What job did you do before you became a tattooist?

I managed coffee shops – coffee is my other love!

Tattoo by Hollie

Tattoo by Hollie May Wall

What are some of your ambitions for the future?

I would love to do more collaborations and European conventions.

Any tip for apprentices at the start of their tattoo journey?

Don’t stick to one style in the beginning, experiment with them all.

Which upcoming conventions can we catch you at?

Tattoo Jam in Doncaster and Staffordshire Tattoo Gathering in Stoke.

Hollie May's RAVEN design

Hollie May’s RAVEN design

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