Stag & Raven clothing and print range: meet Stephanie Melbourne

Pug print by Stephanie

CARMEN PUG print by Stephanie. Photo: Kirsty Ann Photography

The new Stag & Raven Inkluded range is on sale!

Products designed by tattooists can now be bought via the Stag & Raven website. Inkluded readers have an exclusive discount of 20% with the code ‘INKLUDED20′.

Myself and the ladies at Stag & Raven (Kate and Hannah) have been cooking up this new exciting collaboration for the last few months and are so excited to finally share these gorgeous art-works with you.

Ten UK tattoo artists have created custom designs that you can purchase as prints, vests, t-shirts, iPhone cases and more.


In these quick Q&As, you’ll find out more about the artist behind the design.

Say hello to – Stephanie Melbourne

Instagram @Stephanie_Melbourne

Instagram @Stephanie_Melbourne

Name: Stephanie Melbourne
Based: The Square Tattoo Studio, Solihull / The Family Business, London (from September)
Instagram: @Stephanie_Melbourne

Describe your art in three words.

Neo-traditional, diverse, detailed.

What music do you listen to whilst working?

I have a really eclectic music taste but usually something that keeps me motivated… hip hop, R&B, grime, old-school classics.

Who would you say are your favourite tattoo artists?

Sam Ford, Glen Preece, Nick Imms. My favourite neo-trad artists are Rodrigo Kalaka and Daniels Bauti.

Bee knee tattoo by Steph

Bee knee tattoo by Steph

PLANCHETTE design by Stephanie Melbourne

PLANCHETTE design by Stephanie Melbourne

If you could do a shout out for other tattooists, ones that are perhaps up and coming, who would it be?

I am really loving Summer Heath’s work – she works in Gosport. Also, Hattie Cox who works in Coventry.

What would your perfect meal be?

I’m a big eater so as long as my plate is full, I’m happy. If I had to choose right now – sausages, mash, veg and gravy!

Her planchette design is available as a print and on clothing

Steph’s PLANCHETTE design is available as a print and on clothing. Photo: Kirsty Ann Photography

PUG design


What is the one question you get asked the most as a tattooist?

“Do you ever tattoo yourself?” and “which place hurts the most?” – everyone is different with pain so there’s not a definite answer to that one!

What album are you listening to right now?

Paramore – After Laughter.

If you could tattoo anything, right now, what would it be?

That’s a tough one! It changes a lot but right now maybe a Kali on the side of the calf. The bigger the better.

Rose tattoo by Steph

Rose tattoo by Steph

Print by Stephanie Melbourne

PLANCHETTE print by Stephanie Melbourne. Photo: Kirsty Ann Photography

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