Interview with the Jengu team

Tattoo by Harry Marsh. Photo: Instagram

Tattoo by Harry Marsh. Photo: Instagram

A couple of months back I blogged about why I’m now an ambassador for a company that sells amazing tattoo products. I love Jengu’s Insta-Heal aftercare balm and have been shouting pretty loud about it.

On my initial blog, I promised future information from the guys behind the brand – Alex and Robb.

So, without further introduction, here they are to tell you about their company Jengu, where it came from and what it intends to achieve.

Tattoo by Robb (Instagram @robbchatterleytattooer

Tattoo by Robb (Instagram @robbchatterleytattooer

OK, let’s start at the beginning… when did you decide to create Jengu and why?

Alex: We decided to come up with the idea of vegan tattoo aftercare in the early months of 2016.

Robb: As a tattooer and vegan myself, I didn’t have many aftercare products that I could recommend to my clients. Alex suggested we create our own and it went from there really.

We had the input of an artist (myself) and a client (Alex) – between the two of us, that’s really helped us come up with products we’re proud of.

Jengu's new Tornado wash for tattooists and tattoo wearers

Jengu’s new Tornado soap for tattooists and tattoo wearers

Tell us about the production of your products.

Alex: They are made in the UK, using a double-boiler system, with ingredients weighed precisely to get the identical product every time.

Robb: I leave that stuff to Alex, he knows what’s he’s on about! We had a long in-depth discussion when we first started about the most ethical, efficient and sterile way we could make the products and ran with that.

Jengu's Insta-Heal is for customers to use in the aftercare process

Jengu’s Insta-Heal is for customers to use in the aftercare process

Wax-on, for use during the tattooing process

Wax-On, for use during the tattooing process

And were all the ingredients a conscious decision?

Alex: Jengu’s Insta-Heal is made from shea butter, jojoba oil, soy wax, lavender oil, coconut oil and tea tree oil – they are all natural healing products.

For Wax-On (used during the tattoo process), we decided to leave the essential oils out so that the ingredients would not try to heal the skin too quickly whilst the tattooing was still in process.

Robb: Wax-On has a buttery texture – it’s easy enough to spread onto the skin and its not too thick that it clogs up your needles. It’s very easy to work with and I’ve found it has reduced redness and soreness during my tattoos.

Especially using it in partnership  with Tornado, our new skin soap, it really reduces the amount of swelling and redness to the skin.

Tattoo by Luca Tamilio. Photo: Instagram

Tattoo by Luca Tamilio. Photo: Instagram

So Insta-Heal for healing, Wax On and Tornado for tattooers – you’ve launched some other new products recently too, right?

Alex: Yes, we also have a new foam, larger sized tins of Insta Heal, stencil gel and a post-heal spray in the pipeline.

Robb: Insta-Heal is our aftercare balm, but we also know people who have also used it for scar treatment, sore lips and dry skin. We even know mothers who have used it on their babies and in replace of breast-feeding creams too.

Tornado is pretty exciting, our skin-cleaning soap, that can be used straight from the bottle as it’s pre-diluted. It can be diluted further if you want it to last longer and it can also be used by the customer if they want something to clean their tattoos with during the healing process. It’s not an irritant like some normal wash soaps out there.

Tattoo by Robb (Instagram @robbchatterleytattooer

Tattoo by Robb (Instagram @robbchatterleytattooer

How should people look after a new tattoo?

Robb: I hear so many different methods of how to properly look after a tattoo and I’m sure a lot of them work, and a lot of them  don’t. I’ve always said to my customers:

  • keep it clean
  • keep it creamed
  • wash your tattoo as often as possible
  • when you apply new cream make sure you wash the old cream off

We sell our Insta-Heal with the idea in mind that it is one tin per tattoo – this is much cleaner that re-using the same tin for multiple tattoos.

Tattoo by Mike Love

Tattoo by Mike Love

I have to say it’s great to see a tattoo aftercare product created by a tattooer! 

Robb: I’ve been working in tattoo shops since I was 18, where I started off as a tea boy and have been tattooing professionally since 2013. I have used loads of products, seen different artists using different things and just learnt what people want and what they don’t want in a tattoo product.

I have the experience of being able to compare what we make with things I have previously used. The priority is how something can help my process of tattooing. This, matched with Alex’s abilities, meant we were able to come up with something that we can stand behind 100%.

Alex: Myself, I have a background in business and sales. I had my first tattoo at 18 and have been passionate about tattoo art and supporting artists ever since.

Photo: Luca Tamilio Instagram

Photo: Luca Tamilio Instagram

Tattoo by Lydia Amor

Tattoo by Lydia Amor

What sets Jengu apart from other brands? For me, it’s the simplicity of the ingredients.

Robb: The main thing that sets us apart is the reason why we started this company – not to make money but to make a product that we could be proud of and that people can love. We both have full time jobs and this is a side project we enjoy.

This brand also intends to bring people together – whether it’s giving aftercare advice or helping someone find the artist to do their next tattoo, also introducing artists to one another.

Alex: We are a humble small business trying to create the best experience for both clients and artists.

Robb: All Jengu products are completely vegan, cruelty-free and organic which is massively important to us. Few ingredients, no added chemicals and made with no harm to any animals. Tested on us, for you.

Alex: We also have some big announcements coming soon we can’t wait to share with you.

Photo: Lydia Amor, from Lydia's Instagram

Photo: Lydia Amor, from Lydia’s Instagram

OK, last but by no means least, let’s give a final shout-out to the tattoo artists who also use and love Jengu, so Inkluded readers can go and check out their work…

Robb: Yes, a huge thank you to:

Tattoo by Harry Marsh. Photo: Instagram

Tattoo by Harry Marsh. Photo: Instagram

Tattoo by Luca Tamilio. Photo: Instagram

Tattoo by Luca Tamilio. Photo: Instagram

Tattoo by Mike Love

Tattoo by Mike Love

Tattoo by Robb (Instagram @robbchatterleytattooer

Tattoo by Robb (Instagram @robbchatterleytattooer

Get your hands on Jengu directly from their website.

If you want to find out a little bit more about why I use these products, I talk about why I love using  Jengu’s Insta-Heal in one of my recent video blogs.

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