The story behind Inkluded’s new logo

Inkluded has a new logo, created by Leicester-based hand-poke tattooist Mike Love.

For the last two and a half years this blog has utilised a stock rose image as its primary image.

As we gear up to some cool brand announcements and changes coming your way at the end of 2017, I am excited to share our brand new logo.

Inkluded launched in November 2014 and this was our original logo

Inkluded launched in November 2014 and this was our original logo

The image of a victory or ‘V’ hand-sign has been aligned with Inkluded for a while now.

With origins that date back to WW2, this hand gesture has different meanings across the world. To me and many others (inside and outside of the tattoo industry), it’s become a symbol for peace, friendliness and inclusivity.

Inkluded's tattoo zine was sold and distributed to tattoo studios and artists in 2016

Inkluded’s tattoo zine was sold and distributed to tattoo studios and artists in 2016

The sign was represented in the official cover image for our 2015 tattoo zine. Mike was commissioned to design something to represent, not just that creative project, but our brand missions in general.

Inkluded aims to be a forum for tattoo exploration. Over the years we’ve become a welcoming community of creative individuals that joins together to support each other and share tattoo art in a positive and respectful way. A friendly peace sign seemed like the perfect symbol to represent our intentions.

The juxtaposition of the front and contrasting back cover image of the zine (also a hand with two fingers which often represents swearing or aggression) made a statement about regular pre-conceptions of tattooed people and the tattooed community. Don’t judge a book by its cover – something seemingly unapproachable and alienating (like the tattoo industry) might turn out to be the complete opposite!

Tattoo by Mike Love

Tattoo by Mike Love

A few months later, when Inkluded reached its 2 year anniversary, I had this zine cover image tattooed by Mike as a celebration – it now sits hand-poked on my lower leg (pictured). It was on that day that I knew this would one day become our new logo.

Mike’s been a huge part of Inkluded’s progression since our launch, not just an incredible tattooer but an inspiration and support for me personally. I couldn’t have chosen anyone else to design this new brand-look for us.

Over the last few weeks, Mike has been re-working the original tattoo sketch from 2016 into an all-singing, all-dancing, logo-appropriate image.

There are no other words I can use to express how much I love it, so I will leave you with a “thank you Mike” and the gorgeous thing itself…

Inkluded's new logo, 2017

Inkluded’s new logo, 2017

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