The art of human suspension

This new short video from Inked Magazine and Tusko (a UK-based film company) celebrates the art of human suspension.

If you didn’t know – during the sacred practice of suspension, the individual hangs from hooks that have been used to pierce their skin. Suspension performances are often part of alternative and tattoo conventions all around the world.

Tusko’s videographers headed on over to the 2017 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention with Inked Magazine to document this interesting hobby and share how it makes the artists and performers feel.

Photo: Tusko Films

Photo: Tusko Films

Photo: Tusko Films

Photo: Tusko Films / KBev Photo

I asked Jake Smith, co-founder of Tusko Films why they were keen to capture the art on film.

“Porn stars, circus acts and trump gimp masks – it was a no brainer as to why we wanted to go along and film, said Jake

“Everywhere you looked there was something interesting happening, and we’re interested in telling those untold stories. These are stories about individuals who experience the world in a different way to the majority of us – they always have a very interesting perspective to share.”

Watch the video above or on Vimeo.

Photo: Tusko Films

Photo: Tusko Films


Photo: Tusko Films

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