Photos (and winners list) from the Leeds International Tattoo Expo 2017

Leeds 1

I had a great time at the 2017 Leeds International Tattoo Expo!

I wanted to share a selection from the official event photography that was taken by Scott Smith – also accompanied on this blog by the list of winners from the convention awards, with the artists’ Instagram handles alongside so you can check out their work.

Congratulations to everyone that picked up a title!

Saturday Best of Day

  • Bryn Holman @hillbillyholman
  • Oash Rodriguez @oash_tattoo
  • Debora Cherrys @deboracherrys

Sunday Best of Day

  • Jack Peppiette @jackpeppiette
  • Damian Gorski @gorskytattoos
  • Jason James Smith @jason_james_tattoos

Leeds 2 Leeds 3 Leeds 4 Leeds 5 Leeds 6 Leeds 7 Leeds 8 Leeds 9 Leeds 10 Leeds 11

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