Three artists, one tattoo, one exciting collaboration

Tattoo Jam 1

I think I just met the toughest woman in the world.

The individual pictured is spending her weekend at Tattoo Jam convention in Doncaster getting a back-piece from not one, not two, but three awesome artists.

I had my own back-piece worked on this week and after four hours I was absolutely done. Hats off to this tattoo collector and the creative minds bringing her body to life.

Hollie-May Wall, Ollie Tye and Lauren Hanson began work on the tattoo yesterday and continue over the weekend. On Friday, the process was live streamed via Hollie’s Facebook page.

Tattoo Jam 4

“The piece itself is inspired by our client’s brief which was nature, pattern-work and skulls,” the artists tell me. “Our client was happy for us to have artistic license with the elements and how we chose to use them.”

The three say that a collaboration of this scale artisically pushes them to “work in a way we wouldn’t normally.” 

Lauren, Ollie and Hollie have collaborated on a tattoo before at a previous convention, but this new large-scale vision takes a project of this kind to a whole new level.

Tattoo Jam 2

I can’t even begin to imagine what some of the challenges must be to create something of this scale.

Lauren confirms that one of the strongest considerations is “getting it to look like one piece and not three stencils or three different pieces – of course, you will be able to tell which part is whose work but the aim is to make it a stand-alone piece where no one shines over anyone else.”

The tattoo artists are also creating the piece to make a statement about the diversity of tattoo art being created in Britain. With this tattoo, and much of their previous work, falling under the category of ‘abstract’ art, they feel (and I agree!) that there are so many amazing artists in this country really pushing the boundaries of what a tattoo can do: “we are trying to show what can be done, and show people what an abstract tattoo can really be.”

Good luck with the rest of it, guys!

Previous tattoo by Lauren Hanson

Previous tattoo by Lauren Hanson

David Bowie tattoo by Ollie Tye

David Bowie tattoo by Ollie Tye

Tattoo by Hollie

Tattoo by Hollie


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