Aura One’s passion for art and Rotterdam

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My recent trip to Rotterdam has just resulted in an overwhelming feeling that I could have spent so many more days, weeks or even months there.

After interviewing a hand-full of talented tattoo artists that successfully exposed the city’s passion for art, I’ve gone on to discover even more amazing Rotterdam-based tattooists whom I just didn’t have the time to hook-up with whilst over there.

Neon wall art in Rotterdam. Photo: Inkluded

Neon wall art in Rotterdam. Photo: Inkluded

One of those tattooists is Rotterdam-born Aura One, aka Kimmy.

Her beautifully ornamental tattoos pack detail and precision – I can’t believe that she’s been tattooing for just two years! She has both a passion for her work, and the city: “this is home,” she tells me.


“I specialise in mandalas and dot-work,” she explains, “I love to create ornamental designs but I also like to do neo-traditional women combined with mandalas and dot-work.”

Her refined and delicate artistic style attracts mainly female clients, and she has this in mind when designing any piece: “I think it’s important that my tattoos accentuate the feminine body and I try to work with an attention to detail.”

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Like all of the tattooers I spent time with in Rotterdam, having a customer go home happy with their custom tattoo is her top priority. I love that this passion for people brings together the craftsmen (and women) that I had the pleasure of meeting.

When quizzing her about Rotterdam, she leaves me with a line that summarises my own trip to this corner of the world perfectly: “there are so many inspiring and hard-working people here- it’s a truly creative place.”

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Trip thanks to: Visit Holland
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