​Best Tattoo Numbing Cream: Just Good Bye Pain Enjoy Tattooing!

Written by Richard Fullam
Last updated on December 11, 2019. 

Best tattoo numbing cream review-Before getting a tattoo a common fear is a pain. It’s time to say goodbye pain.

There is a solution to this problem. I found the best tattoo numbing cream to reduce pain.

Tattoo numbing cream is the only solution for you to feel comfortable while inking your tattoo.

Here, I am going to review on best numbing cream which will help you to about this product. Let me start now!


What Is A Tattoo Numbing Cream?

A tattoo numbing cream is one kind ointment, gel or spray which is applied to the skin before getting a tattoo to reduce pain and discomfort of the needle.

The person who is worried about pain can ask his or her tattoo artist to use a numbing cream to reduce the pain through this process.

Personally, I also recommend using a numbing cream when tattooing areas where your bones are very close to the skin as like ribs area, feet, and so on.

Know The Benefits of a Numbing Cream

If you are looking for tattoo numbing cream, then you need to know the benefits of it.

  • This types of cream make the tattoo removal process easy and pain-free.
  • Use of this product makes the tattoo making process becomes comfortable and it does not cause pain.
  • Best for reducing pain caused by piercings as well.
  • Anyone can relax and sit comfortably while the tattoo artist does the job.
  • This types of numbing creams have a lasting effect.
  • This product can help to get tattoos on sensitive and private areas without any pain.
  • You can get stress-free tattoo making.

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How Does A Numbing Cream Work?

Main functions of a numbing cream actually depend on the active ingredients in the mix.

Most of the tattoo numbing creams could be grouped under only three categories:

The Nerve Blockers – Most of those creams include tetra Caine and benzocaine – which means the nerves will only register some pain. But they never send the “pain signal” to the brain.

They never prevent the nerves from registering the pain but only block the pain signal from reaching the brain.

The Nerve Deadeners – Mainly those creams consist of lidocaine – they will temporarily deaden the nerves in the skin. And make them ready to prevent from registering pain.

Though nerve deadeners are not 100% effective for deep tattoos these types of numbing cream should be combined with a nerve blocker for effective results.

Vasoconstrictors – Nowadays it is the most powerful numbing creams on the market.

Not only Vasoconstrictors reduce the flow of blood to the affected area to reduce the pain when tattooing but also it reduces bleeding and swelling in the area.

Though not every numbing agent is ideal for every tattoo but the right numbing cream is important when inking a person.

However, it’s true that a quality cream will last much longer than a cheap product.

Reviews on the Best Numbing Cream For Tattoos

There are dozens of numbing creams on the market. So choosing the best one is not easy.

Before choosing the best tattoo numbing cream on the market you have to consider many factors. Here I am going to review the top 4 numbing creams which will be helpful for you.

Let’s Start!



Numb Master Cream Review

Clinical Resolution Non-oily Numb Master Cream Review

Key Features:

  • Paraben-free & cruelty-free
  • Made in USA


  • Brand:          Clinical Resolution Laboratory
  • Lidocaine:  5%

Reading the product name we understand that, it is a numbing cream which is non-oily and it helps for reducing pain and irritation.

There are different types of skins. Few skin types are so sensitive that a cream can cause irritation.

That’s why it is important to consult with a doctor before applying any cream on your skin.

The major advantage of this cream is non-oily and non-sticky.

Obviously, it will help you to ink a tattoo without feeling any pain.

To make a small tattoo this cream is the best solution and it does not last very long.


  • This product is non-oily and non-sticky which does not cause a barrier while getting the tattoo done.
  • Get relief from the pain caused by tattoo making.
  • It contains an important ingredient which is only 5% Lidocaine.


  • Few people were allergic to the ingredients of the product. Before using this product please consult with the doctor.
  • It really wears off sooner.



Hustle Butter Deluxe Tattoo Butter

Hustle Butter Deluxe – Tattoo Butter Review

Key Features:

  • 100% Vegan
  • Tattoo Moisturization for Before, During and After Tattoo


  • Brand:                   Hustle Butter Deluxe
  • Package size:   150ml (5oz)

This product is just a luxurious tattoo care product which is used by many people. It is also promising and it gives you some relief from pain.

Obviously, it helps to prepare your skin for the tattoo making process.

Several benefits of the product make it a superior skin numbing cream.

In order to understand whether the product works well or not, let me tell the pros and cons of this product.

No doubt, it is one of the fantastic product that is used by many tattoo artists and common people.

Some wonderful ingredients of this product are Shea Butter, Mango, Green Tea, Coconut, Sunflower, Aloe Butter, Rice Bran Oil, and Vitamin E.

You can use it both before and after getting the tattoo. It helps to relieve pain and the tattoo heal. It contains the ink color as well.

Finally, it is recommended to buy! Get the best tattoo aftercare here like Aquaphor For Tattoos.


  • This cream helps to redness caused by tattoo making or removal.
  • It promotes healing.
  • This is made with 100% Vegan Ingredients.
  • Has natural butter which is called Hustle Butter Deluxe
  • Best premium product used for reducing pain before the tattoo making.
  • Most famous and much-loved product by the tattoo artists around the planet.


  • Use with caution - possible allergen
Numb HUSH anesthetic Tattoo Numbing Gel Review

Dr. Numb HUSH anesthetic – Tattoo Numbing Gel Review

Key Features:

  • Infused with vitamin E
  • Infused with vitamin EFDA-registered and Health Canada-approved


  • Brand:                   Dr. Numb
  • Lidocaine:           5%

This is numbing cream another FDA-approved popular product on the market today.

To get relief from pain caused by tattoo making and tattoo removal this non-oily HUSH gel is very effective.

All painful processes like inking tattoo, removing the tattoo the pain can be reduced by using the HUSH product.

This product is safe for use in all areas, including private areas.

To reduce the redness caused by the tattoo making this product helps a lot because it contains aloe vera. It’s also safe on all types of skin.

his product has received great reviews on different websites and got a good place in the customer’s mind.

The effects of this gel can last only for 4 hours. This product is very effective and it comes in a clean and attractive bottle.

If you are thinking of buying this product, you can do it because it’s the best.

All the customers have rated the gel quite highly due to its effectiveness.


  • It’s safe for sensitive skin.
  • This contains aloe vera which reduces skin inflammation.
  • It helps in healing the pain and redness caused by the tattoo making or removal.
  • These Product effects are long.
  • Easy to use the cream.


  • Need to apply the cream before you go for the tattoo making an appointment.
  • Though the effect is long you do not feel the difference instantly.
Numb HUSH anesthetic Tattoo Numbing Gel Review

Lidocaine Blue Tattoo Numbing Gel Review

This is one of the most popular tattoo numbing gel created by a company in California which specializes in anesthetic products.

Lidocaine has an important ingredient in a numb cream. Most of the tattoo artists are agreeing to this and few of them recommend the Lidocaine Blue Anesthetic Cream Gel.

Before you buy this product let me discuss a few pros and cons for you to make your right decision.

Though this is an expensive product it works well.

Most of the numbing creams cannot show quick effects but this product can do it.

If you are looking for instant pain relief then you should buy this product without any doubt.

The people who cannot tolerate pain this product is made for them.


  • This product really works fast.
  • Give you instant relief after applying this to your tattoo or before getting the tattoo.
  • This reduces the pain caused by tattooing and removal.


  • Though works very fast but not last long.
  • This product is expensive for you.

How to Apply Skin Numbing Cream?

I hope after reading the above reviews on tattoo numbing cream you decided to buy the products. Now let me tell you how you will use this cream.

  1. Apply those skin numbing cream an hour before you got the appointment. There are few creams which take time to settle.
  2. Wash carefully the area where you wish to get a tattoo. You need to wash it properly and let it dry using a towel.
  3. Apply it in exact layers. It will be more effective when you apply it properly.
  4. After applying the cream cover the area with a plastic wrap.
  5. To get maximum results you need to apply another layer 30 minutes before your appointment.
  6. Before washing it off consult with your tattoo artist.

Few Useful Buying Tips

Know how to buy the numbing cream for the tattoo?
  • It’s better to buy a product which contains Lidocaine.
  • You may buy a product which is non-oily gel.
  • You should always read reviews before buying a product. If you are buying a product on a shopping site, you need to see the reviews first.
  • The best idea to buy a product which says that lasts long.


From the above discussion, you already got the idea about the best tattoo numbing cream. And also understand the importance of the numbing cream. I hope this article helps you a lot to choose the right numbing cream for you.

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