​5 Best Tattoo Power Supply for the Tattoo Artists This Year

Written by Richard Fullam
Last updated on December 20, 2019. 

Here, I am going to discuss the best tattoo power supply which is very important for all the tattoo artists.

To keep your tattoo machine effective and trouble-free you need to use the right kind of power supply.

Without the professional tattoo power supply your tattoo machine will not work effectively.

If the power supply does not provide efficient current flow then the expensive tattoo machine can be damaged.

Now I am going to review 5 best tattoo power supply that will keep your best tattoo machine out of risk.


These power supply will work with all kinds of tattoo machines. These power supply will work with 110-210 volt current and both for liner and shader.

Just keep patience and stay with me for a few times. I will definitely help you to choose the best tattoo power supply for your tattoo machine and it will be perfect for you.

Lets Start Review on 5 Best Tattoo Power Supply

Hope you all will enjoy this article and will be effective for you all of you. just stay with us and read it.



Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

The Pirate Face Tattoo Dual Digital Tattoo Power Supply

This is the most popular and highly sold tattoo power amps out there. The dual digital tattoo power supply work with all kinds of tattoo machine.

The main thing is that you can connect it with both liner and shader and with the simple flip of a button. You also can change power between them with a single foot pedal.

As it has a digital meter with that you can adjust voltage according to your requirements.

Using this power supply you will get stainless steel upgraded flat foot pedal and also a 6-foot clip cord to connect your machine with power supply.

Power input from this device:  You may get 60v-250v/50Hz-60Hz power input.

Power input from this device:  You may get DC 1.5-18v power output.

The digitally controlled output from this machine is 1.5 to 18v with a powerful yet stable current to operate any tattoo machine.

As there is a switch in the back of the power supply unit you can connect to both 110v and 220v, which allows you to switch between 110v and 220v.

This digital machine is very flexible and can be run with any voltage and suitable to be used in any country.

This best tattoo power supply provides you a quick and accurate voltage adjustment to your machine and will run both rotary and coil tattoo machine at its full-efficiency.


  • Most Reliable
  • It’s well built
  • Very easy to read the display
  • It has voltage dial
  • It has stainless pedal


  • For some cases not enough powerful
  • Have pedal issues
Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

The BRONC Professional Tattoo Power Supply

Here I am going to review one of the best power supply by Bronc.

It is no so expensive, but it’s worth it.

First thing is that it allows you to switch seamlessly between shader and liner at the press of a button.

You also can control it with a foot pedal, a clip-on cord, or the power supply itself.

The best thing is that it shows you exactly how many volts (or amps) you are using, down to a tenth of a volt or hundredth of an amp.

And it also displays an accurate cycle speed!

However, it gets the job done exceptionally well.

It lasts a few years at least as for long term viability.

It works perfectly with both rotary and coil machines. You don’t need to worry about compatibility issues.

Also, you can position it on anything or anywhere using the included stand. Personally, I like this power supply because of how easy it is to sanitize.

Input voltage from this device: 90V-240V, AC50/60Hz.

The output voltage from this device: 3-18v.

Output Power: 0.3-68W. You will get output Current: 0-3A, accuracy ± 0.1 A. And the output current overload protection. Operating Temperature: 5 ~ +45 ℃.


  • One Year WARRANTY
  • Lightweight
  • One button toggle


  • Push on push off
Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

The HoriKing Tattoo Supply Aurora Colorful Tattoo Power Supply

This is one of the professional quality power supply. It provides you a strong and stable current to operate any kind of machine with comfort.

This machine is compatible with both rotary and coil tattoo machine.

Another best feature about this is that dual tattoo machine can be attached at the same time.

It allows the artist to connect both liner and shader together at the same time with a flip button on the power supply to switch power between the liner and shader.

The ultra-bright digital meter gives you accurate voltage so you can read out easily and adjust the voltage according to your requirement.

This power supply provides you 1 power cord, 2 clip cord 8 feet long to connect dual tattoo machine together and 1 stainless steel flat foot pedal.

It can run on any amount of current input 120/220v and gives you 3volt to 18v dc output current flow and also can run all kind of tattoo machine efficiently.

This is the best tattoo power supply, professional, portable and easy to use.

And the tattoo power supply is also best for traveling. It also can be used as a professional backup power supply due to its size, shape, and efficiency.

To operate any kind of tattoo supply, it provides you a strong, stable current. It has an anti-slip base and inbuilt magnet to easily fit on any table or desk.

About the cool feature this best tattoo power supply:

Here I am going to tell another cool feature of the tattoo supply that it can run on any kind of input voltage and gives 1v-18v current to the tattoo machine.


  • Has Strong magnetic
  • Based on non-slip and automatic discoloration.
  • Jump-start mode
  • Based on CNC-machined anodized aluminum housing.
  • Includes color changing voltage indicator
  • Having two-foot pedal modes


  • Have a single rotating button to switch on of power supply
Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

The OTW-P008-3R Dual Digital LCD Tattoo Machine Power Supply

OTW-P008-3R Dual Digital LCD Tattoo Machine Power Supply is the leading the industry in building tattoo equipment.

This OTW-P008-3R Dual Digital LCD power supply also let to run your machine at stable and operational current for long hours.

It is very handy to use and came with a beautiful design.

It has a dual plug, with that you can connect dual machine together and make your machine power on 24 hours.

And it’s ready to go and on the third plug, you can connect foot pedal and with a rotating switch you can change the power between both liner and shader.

It also can run both the machine with single foot-pedal. This ultra-bright angled led display gives you accurate power voltage readout without any doubt.

This power supply machine will work with 120v-210v ac current input and will give you the 3v-18v dc current output.

It is eligible to run all kind of tattoo machine in the market efficient at its optimum level.


  • A professional quality power supply set
  • With 1 x foot pedal
  • Contains a blue LCD display
  • Has 2 x clip cord
  • Has 1 x power cord


  • Not very efficient at its optimum level
Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

The Dragonhawk Lcd Dual Tattoo Machine Gun Power Supply

The Dragonhawk LCD Dual Tattoo Machine Gun Power Supply is one of the best, professional and cheap machine in this industry.

It allows you to use one power supply to manage two of your tattoo guns.

It allows you to quickly and efficiently switch between your shader and your liner as you work if it doesn’t power two guns at once.

This versatility is an absolute must during extended tattoo sessions.

This works perfectly for both rotary and coil tattoo machines without making you jump through hoops.


  • It provides quick and accurate activation/voltage adjustments
  • Effective both rotary and coil tattoo machines


  • Has anti-fatigue mode

How to Choose the Best Tattoo Power Supply

Not only the best tattoo machine, tattoo needles, and transfer paper but also the best tattoo power supply is important for keeping that unit running at a peak state.

Before buying a power supply you have to consider these six tips on how to choose the right tattoo power supply.

1. Consider About Power Supply Voltage

First, you have to understand that power supplies come in a huge variety of voltage range outputs according to the devices.

There are many that are capable of producing up to fifteen volts but some of these tattoo power supply devices run as low as three volts.

2. Think About Power Supply Types

Notwithstanding the voltage being extraordinary, available today you will discover advanced and simple tattoo power supply units that are in unregulated and managed models.

Picking the correct kind is subject to your certainty level, fundamentally how well you can make your craftsmanship and the amount you can manage.

The advanced readout is increasingly precise and a lot simpler for you to peruse while you are working, however, they accompany a more expensive rate tag.

The managed sort tattoo power supply are exorbitant as well yet they do furnish you with steady voltage regardless of whether the machine isn’t being used.

3. Consider About Power Supply Fluctuations

On the off chance that you have been working in this industry for quite a while, you are as of now mindful that you should apply various measures of weight all through the activity to give the ideal look.

The power provided by the power supply will vary contingent upon that weight as the tattoo needles penetrate the skin.

The controlled power supply will make up for those vacillations, while more affordable units won’t.

Consider this in the event that you are extending your abilities or plan to work in this industry for a long time to come.

4. Thinking on Your Tattoo Machine

Something that you need to think about when purchasing a tattoo control supply is your current machine.

A portion of the fresher style tattoo control supplies are suggested for use with a curl worked machine.

Though different supplies must be utilized for a revolving tattoo machine.

Either pick the power supply that coordinates your machine or searches for an all-inclusive one that can be utilized on both in the occasion you change your tattoo machine later on.

5. Number of Tattoo Machines

One of the greatest contemplations while picking a tattoo control supply is what number of existing machines that you will have in your shop.

The more machines you can attach to one power supply the better for various reasons.

Many prepared tattoo specialists want to have one machine set in the mood for coating while another machine is good to go for shading.

The best sort of control supply will enable you to connect different gadgets in the meantime, at that point essentially flip a change to move the power between them.

This additional comfort will enable you to buy just a single power supply for your machines.

6. Weight, Size, Portability

Cautiously think about where you will do your work in connection to the size and the heaviness of the tattoo control supply.

They presently make control supplies that are minimized for those craftsmen who travel and give tattoos outside the shop.

These voyaging specialists need conservative power supplies that don’t bargain control.

On the off chance that you will do the majority of your work far from your shop.

Just consider a supply that is lighter in weight yet at the same time contains enough capacity to deal with your outstanding task at hand.

Despite the fact that these six hints on picking the correct tattoo control supply are useful.

Your spending will likewise influence the sorting unit you buy also.

Some economical units keep running as low as $40 or as expensive as $400 and higher.

Cautiously think about the six hints first, at that point discover a machine that falls into the value run you can bear.

In the event that you discover a few machines that address every one of your issues as posted above.

At that point begin disposing of them dependent on cost.


To sum up it can be said that the above product review on the best tattoo power supply will help you to find out the right tattoo power supply for your needs.

​Professional Tattoo Power Supply

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