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Last updated on December 19, 2019. 

Choosing the best tattoo transfer paper is not so easy. Before making a tattoo on the skin a tattoo artist can make a client’s tattoo idea on a kind of special paper.

Using tattoo transfer paper a tattoo artist can make a flawless tattoo on his customer’s skin.

Here, in this article, I will discuss what tattoo stencil and the transfer paper are and how it is used properly to make a tattoo.

Best Tattoo Transfer Paper

So let’s start.

At first, learn the reviews of 8 best tattoo transfer paper according to your budget.

I tried to pick the best things according to quality, price, and reviews.

These are the best tattoo Transfer Stencil Paper for all the tattoo artists.



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The PFT Transfer Stencil Paper by Pirate Face Tattoo

This is one of the best sellers and recommended a product on Amazon. It easily transfers any bold image. Most of the tattoo artists like this product.

Private face tattoo transfer paper comes in a pack of 15 meaning you have plenty to last.

It is easy to print any design on this paper because it is in A4 size.

This is also durable enough to write on it easily.

It’s a most well-recognized brand that offers excellent prices on their transfer paper sheets.


  • It’s Affordable
  • Easily can print on a thermal printer
  • The Sheets are very durable
  • Liked by tattoo artists


  • Quality is a bit lower than more expensive brands
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The NYKKOLA 25 Pack Tattoo Thermal Stencil Transfer Paper

It is one of the best tattoo transfer paper and very affordable to buy.

Despite very inexpensive it is very standard and offers a durable print that does not come off easily while tattooing.

It has 4 layers, a master sheet, a protective sheet, carbon paper, and a yellow backing sheet.

Nowadays tattoo artists using various tattoo transfer paper but this cover all you need to give you a clean and detailed tattoo.


  • This dries fast
  • Very easy to write on
  • It’s very cheap


  • Rub off too quickly
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The New Star Tattoo Stencil Paper 20 Sheets Stencil and Tattoo Transfer Paper

This is one of the best tattoo transfer paper on your budget. You can use this to transfer your flash to skin.

It may be used as a thermal copier machine. It is also very easy to use for any user.

There is no color changing issue.

Regarding the color no change in initial color ever time perfectly transfer tattoo on the client’s skin.

It can give you a bright purple or blue ink color and have a strong ink for the bright copy.


  • Effective for Hand Use
  • It is on A4 size
  • Have 20pcs/bag
  • Can use on thermal Paper


  • Stay Throughout the Whole Tattoo Session
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The Tattoo Stencil Transfer Paper Tattoo Supplies Thermal Transfer Paper

This transfer paper is not made from the most durable material.

But it is a perfect fit for smaller and less detailed designs.

This tattoo transfer paper is highly modified to provide better support for thermal printing.

Though it comes in a pack of 35 for such a low price, it is perfect paper to carry in a tattoo parlor.


  • It comes in a pack of 35
  • Very affordable
  • Have no gimmicks


  • It’s not most durable like other brands
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The Pirate Face Tattoo 100 Pcs Tattoo Thermal Stencil Transfer Paper

This is a four-layered transfer paper. It works very effectively that’s why artist, tattoo lover like to use this product.

It has high transferring effects. This paper can be used with thermal copier and also with free hands.

This transfer paper is very easy and convenient to use.


  • Comes with 100 sheets transfer paper
  • Has four layered transfer paper
  • Both used in thermal copier or freehand


  • Not very cheap
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The Spirit Thermofax Thermal Transfer and Stencil Paper

This item has a practically positive survey on Amazon. You will never have an issue with this product.

This can be a perfect deal for you. The best sides of these papers are that it is super dim stencils which will stay at the same spot where you out them.

The center sheet is extremely simple. Furthermore, you can put these with any stencil machine it.

They generally turned out with profound purple and dim unfailingly.


  • Super dark
  • Middle sheet is very easy


  • Have an issue with the spirit
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The H88 – Tattoo Transfer Kits Carbon Tracing Paper Ink

The H88 carbon exchange papers are an especially new plan in the tattoo network.

While they offer incredible adaptability for freehand structures, they are likewise ideal for warm printing.

They arrive in an A4 structure which can fit numerous printers making it exceptionally adaptable.

Also, it additionally arrives in a 25 pack for a lot of various tattoo employments.


  • Good for freehand designs
  • Have in a 25 pack
  • Effective for printing designs


  • It’s harder to stick to the skin

What are the Tattoo Transfer Papers?

Tattoo exchange paper is a typical instrument utilized by tattoo specialists when working.

This paper is utilized to help exchange the client’s work of art from their psyches onto their skin.

Why the Tattoo Transfer Papers are Important?

The craftsman tunes in to what the customer needs their tattoo to resemble.

At that point, they draw out the structure on tattoo exchange paper. In light of this uncommon paper and with the guide of a stencil grease.

The ink from the plan would then be able to be exchanged onto the skin of the customer.

Doing this gives the craftsman a stencil that they can follow over with the tattoo ink. This makes it a lot simpler to do the tattoo, give the customer what they need, and ensures it looks great when it’s set.

There is a tattoo exchange paper that permits you, the craftsman, to freehand draw or follow by hand.

However, there is likewise some that enable you to duplicate a pre-made plan with the utilization of a tattoo warm copier.

This tattoo paper is actuated by warmth, which enables it to work with the extraordinary copier. This paper is moderately easy to utilize and will be found in pretty much every tattoo parlor over the globe.

Tattoo exchange paper is instrumental in giving a substantially nattier gritty and clean look to any tattoo. When you freehand a tattoo, there can be perceptibly insecure lines, and mix-ups in the structure can prompt a possibly baffled customer.

Utilizing tattoo exchange paper, in any case, gives the customer a chance to see the definite plan you will tattoo as a touch of consolation.

It’s additionally simpler on your part since you’re simply “shading in the lines.”

This decreases work pressure and makes your work look significantly more expert. Also, an increasingly dependable tattoo craftsman.

Different Types of Tattoo Transfer Papers

There are two types of tattoo transfer papers. Though both are same in nature and functions the same they have few differences.

Let’s discuss.

Hectograph or Freehand Tattoo Transfer Paper:

It is otherwise called freehand tattoo exchange paper.

As name recommended it is utilized when making stencils by hand or utilizing dab framework printer.

To utilize this paper it is simpler to draw a tattoo on a white sheet paper.

This paper contains three more slender layers. On the top sheet, we physically draw the tattoo.

The second sheet will be evacuated while making tattoo and third layer where tattoo configuration is exchanged. It has many shading decisions.

Thermal Tattoo Transfer paper:

Thermal tattoo exchange paper contains four sheets.

The principal sheet is the principle sheet that going to connected on your skin. The second layer is the defensive layer that ensures the purple ink of the third page.

And let it set off to nowhere.

This layer tossed out before to utilize and it’s waste you don’t have to utilize it anyplace.

The third layer is purple or blue shading ink or you can say duplicate that ink will apply on your skin.

The last sheet is a thick yellow sheet that assembled all the sheet.

This contains across the board system. Which does numerous errands? Contains four layers.

Few Things Need to Consider Before Buying Transfer Paper

You have to consider before buying anything. In the case of transfer paper, you also need to think about it.

To get a good tattoo effective types of equipment are necessary. So let’s learn about this.

  • Lasting durability of paper
  • About printing capabilities.
  • Know the Reviews of a trusted tattoo designer.
  • Compare Price.
  • Think about Offer colorfast ink for transferring bold tattoos.
  • Consider the well-recognized brand.

How to use the Best Tattoo Transfer Paper Properly?

Here, I am going to tell you the proper steps on how you can actually use transfer paper properly while making a tattoo.

Let’s learn those steps to use tattoo transfer paper.

First, Start tattoo Design with the help of pencil: At the very first step, you have to make an exactly desired tattoo on the printer paper.

Second, keep your original design under carbon paper: Its time to Place paper with your selected design under carbon paper and under the top of the sheet.

Third, Just trace your tattoo: You must trace the tattoo first according to your expectations and before that double check while it matches your choice or not. Then traced by medium pointed pen with free hands.

Forth, Shave and wash appropriately: It is important that you should wash or clean skin before making tattoo in light of the fact that at some point it might cause disturbance or it will hinder while making a tattoo on it.

Fifth, Position of exchange paper: It is extremely important to check the position of paper before committing tattoo in light of the fact that even a little error causes a major distinction. It is lasting so you must be delicate while in the procedure.

Sixth, Expel Transfer paper delicately: while expelling exchange paper we should be all around cautiously. Tattoo ink can be spread while expelling paper.


To sum up it can be said that reviews on the best tattoo transfer paper will help you to choose the right things to buy according to your budget.

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