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Written by Richard Fullam
Last updated on December 8, 2019.

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Review-To ink a tattoo you need several equipments. Ink is one of the most important elements for tattooing.

There are several types of inks available in the market. They all have different and unique qualities.

Among those inks, Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink is the best one. You may get more about best tattoo ink here.

Here I am going to tell you on Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Review.

History and ingredients of Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

Kuro Sumi is one of the best Japanese ink product. This product was created from the special formulas of artists that have been handed down for centuries.

The formulas of these products are purely organic and vegan-friendly. It is in 58 colors.

Its black outlining pigment is especially popular for.

This uses water-soluble glycerine for the base and claims that their vibrant colors come from Japanese technology.

This tattoo ink has intensely bright colors that are known to be long-lasting. Kuro Sumi ink is preferred by the best tattoo artists in the world.

Kuro Sumi Ink is highly recommended for both beginners and experts. The color of that ink goes in black as the night and refuses to fade to grey!

It’s really easy to use and long lasting ink.

This ink will obviously make your clients very happy!

Kuro Sumi Ink makes an extremely striking case—they make a guarantee that they are the specific and best outlining ink.

You can buy it without any doubt! Isn’t that right?

Is Kuro Sumi extremely worth all the publicity?

For a lot of specialists, Kuro Sumi is their go-to dark ink- — as a general rule you’ll hear these artists swear by it.

Let’s see exactly what Kuro Sumi Ink going to offer you! Here, Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Review will help you to learn a lot about this product.


However, this ink is made specifically for outlining, meaning that it is black of course, but it’s not just black.

It has 2 more colors.

  1. Grey Wash
  2. Glow Yellow

By a wide margin the absolute blackest ink, I have ever worked with. It is exceptionally dull, so the expression of alert from the savvy, when utilizing this ink do extraordinary work!

As this would be an extremely troublesome ink to conceal! It additionally completes a great job remaining consistent with its shading, over the long haul, I’ve seen no blurring to a terrible shade of dim with Kuro Sumi ink.



Kuro Sumi Tattoo Shading Greywash Ink

Tattoo Shading Greywash Ink

"Good for simple shading and grey wash. Good for starters"

Key Features:

  • Transitions Easily From Light to Dark
  • Resists Fading


  • Brand:          Kuro Sumi
  • Color:            Greywash Ink

It tends to be somewhat hard to make your own Grey wash with, be cautious while including water, as it is anything but a thick ink in the first place. You may need to thicken it available to hold in your tip in case you’re not cautious.

Kuro Sumi offers a Gray Wash specific ink that can be utilized for shading, which we would unquestionably prescribe over making the ink yourself.

Glow Yellow Tattoo Ink

Glow Yellow Tattoo Ink

"A great midtone grey blend that can be watered down further for much lighter tones."

Key Features:

  • Organic tattoo colors
  • Vegan tattoo friendly


  • Brand:          Kuro Sumi
  • Color:            Glow Yellow

However, yellow isn’t the most well-known shading utilized by tattoo artists, Kuro Sumi still offers a dependable ink in yellow for every one of those aggressive specialists out there that need to add some champion hues to their plans.

Bottle Kuro Sumi Ink

The only downside to this ink is its bottle. Though it’s not terrible, next to the quality of ink, it contains it pales in comparison.

The main and big issue is the bottle’s nozzle. This makes a little difficult for the ink to flow out smoothly.

You can overcome this problem by placing it in a small pot or bottle easier that have a better flow.

Start Tattooing With Kuro Sumi Ink (Review)

Kuro Sumi ink really flows very well in your machine.

It never clogs up once. This ink flows and sticks in the skin really well too!

This ink lasts for 2 years.

You may love it so much you’ll fly right through it!


  • The Ink as black as it gets
  • Its color stays true and lasts long
  • Really runs smooth
  • Get with affordable price


  • The main problem is that the bottle is not very ideal
  • Really a little on the thin side


I hope you got the exact information from the above discussion on Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Review. This will help you make to make the decision to buy that product.

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