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Last updated on December 15, 2019. 

Tattoo workmanship isn’t something current yet has its history established into antiquated custom of the Polynesian islands.

Among Polynesian tattoos, Samoan tattoos are viewed as a standout amongst the most acclaimed ones. It is trusted that the word tattoo really originates from tatau.

The Samoan workmanship tattoo really comes up as the most established sort of tattoo and delineates the soul changing experience, an adventure crosswise over different stages and accomplishments of life.

Getting this sort of a tattoo is an agonizing procedure and involves grit for the sake of the conveyor.

This tattoo craftsmanship has been drilled in Samoa for more than 2000 years, with pretty much every male in Samoa bearing them.

In this manner, tattoo workmanship was really a fundamental piece of the custom of antiquated Samoan culture.

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Samoan Tattoos Procedure

The Samoan workmanship is somewhat unique in relation to the advanced tattoo structuring process. In this procedure, a shell or bone plunged in ink is utilized to make a profound scratch on the skin.

This makes the procedure substantially more agonizing than the regular needle inked tattoos.

The ink utilized for making these tattoos is gotten from the fiery remains of consumed shells and is filled in the injury made by opening the tissue of the carrier.

As the ink leaks profound into the injury, blood overflows out of it and it is wiped and the craftsman proceeds further with the tattoo plan.

The plan is done in a moderate procedure, which may take even a long time to finish as the injuries were permitted to mend in the middle of the tattoo sessions.

Leaving the tattoo in the mid in view of the dread of agony would involve disrespect to the carrier and additionally his family.

Besides, the first Samoan workmanship tattoos were huge in size, stretching out from the mid back and coming to down towards the back of the knees.

The broad inclusion of the tattoo made the whole procedure considerably progressively entangled, tedious and agonizing.

Samoan Tribal Art Masters

In the first Samoan culture, the tataus were made by the prepared tattoo aces, known as the Taffetas.

These expert tattoo craftsmen had exhaustive learning about the structures and additionally imagery of Samoan tattoo plans.

It was an aptitude which won in a family and was passed from the more seasoned age to the more youthful ones.

Since tatau was considered as a fundamental transitional experience, the experts of the workmanship were treated with respect in this culture and were given extraordinary blessings like nourishment and high quality things for their valuable administrations.

Arrangement Ideas

In Samoa, tattoos were intended to imply the societal position of the carrier, with substantial measured tattoos being brandished by people.

Since the tattoos were extensive and mind boggling, describing everything about an individual, from his age to his social standing, position and place throughout everyday life.

Getting them inked involved incredible agony and perseverance as they were ink with the tooth of a pig or shark as opposed to a needle.

It was basic to have the tattoo finished once it was begun, else it involved disfavor for the tattoo carrier. Bigger surface regions like the back, bear, arm, lower arm, hands, hips, ribs, calf, foot, chest, under the bosom, stomach and thighs are the best appropriate position.

It is all up to the imagination and experience of the craftsman who is dealing with this tattoo, to make something important and enrapturing for the conveyor.

Plan Options

Essentially, they were inked on men, however a few ladies began getting them later.

The male Samoan plan is known by the name of pea body tattoo and the conventional ones began at the mod back and came to down to the back of the knees, going at the edges and achieving the front.

The structure comprised of straight lines, geometric shapes and edges, which secured the whole skin including the bum and even the genital organs of the man.

These tattoos are the transitional experience of the male and tell about his heritage and societal position.

Contingent on the arrangement of the pea’s tattoos on the male body, diverse names are given to various tattoos:

  • O le Taga Tapulu is included on the mid part of the back
  • Aso Fa’aifo is inked on the bottom and wraps the crotch
  • Tasele is the one which covers the perineum
  • Tafumiti is inked on the scrotum
  • Tafito is the tattoo which covers the penis
  • Saemutu is included on the highest point of the thigh and is the pointer of societal position
  • Umaga lies on the navel and guts
  • Lausae is the pe’a tattoo situated on the thigh territories
Samoan-Tattoos idea 1
Samoan-Tattoos idea 2
Samoan-Tattoos idea 3

All these are male Samoan examples and include straight lines and examples. Then again, Samoan workmanship for ladies can incorporate bended lines and round examples.

The tattoos for ladies in Samoan culture are not as many-sided and broad as in guys.

Rather than pe’a tattoos in men, they are known by the customary name of malu and reach out from the thighs to the back of the knees.

Another sort for ladies is the limes, which are inked on the hands and involve extraordinary respect in Samoan clans.

Fundamentally, they are done in dark ink as they are inborn tattoos.

They are never done in shading since they will lose their distinction and noticeable quality along these lines, however this not the slightest bit implies that they are any less on their fascination esteem.

Shells influence another essential component and them to symbolize harmony, fruitfulness and life span.

In present day tattoo craftsmanship, they are not restricted to hip and knee zones, but rather are likewise highlighted on calves, arms and shoulders.


To sum up it may be said that Samoan Tattoos are very attractive for both men and women.

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