Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

By browsing our website, ‘inkluded.co.uk’, you agree to our following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


We do not own the copyright for all of the images shared on this website and will credit the relevant artist or photographer, gaining their prior permission.

Content such as interviews are pre-approved with artists and individuals prior to publication. Some blogs, articles and social media posts were published prior to the creation of this policy, therefore, if for any reason, you spot something on the site or Inkluded social media accounts that you don’t think should be there, or if we have featured your work and you wish it to be removed, please get in touch at hello@inkluded.co.uk

All articles, blogs, posts, interviews, features (and selected images, photos, logos and sub-brands) published on this website are copyright of Inkluded Ltd. You must not copy, download, re-produce, replicate, store, publish, host, make available, distribute or sell any part of the Inkluded website or its content. Other websites, publications or third parties found to be doing so, for any amount of time, will be subject to a £5,000 fine.

All information published on pages (or in individuals blogs) is always considered correct at the time of publication. We will endeavour to update pages if any major details change or progress in the real buy sildenafil citrate online canada world. However, we cannot guarantee that the information published on the Website can always be remain correct past the date of original publication. We also reserve the right to make permanent changes, additions and deletions to all pages and blogs prior to and after their publication if we see fit.

Our UGC Policy outlines how we protect the copyright of our community on external social media channels.

Inkluded Ltd

Inkluded Ltd is registered in England and Wales with Company Number 10006341.

Inkluded Ltd is a UK registered trade mark (2016) in the UK, and is owned by Rebecca Rimmer.

Our Liability

The articles and information published on this website represent only the personal opinions expressed by the contributor(s) and do not represent the views, opinions or statements of Inkluded Ltd. This website serves only as a forum for personal discussion. We are not liable for any action you or any other third parties may take as a result of the information provided on this website. We are not liable for the representation or misrepresentation of individuals, companies, organisations or other groups expressed through the opinions of third party individuals interviewed by, and not representative of, Inkluded Ltd.

Privacy Policy

We take the privacy of our website visitors very seriously. Read more here.

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