UGC policy

As described in our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, Inkluded takes the privacy of our digital community very seriously. As of today (1 August 2017), we have in place a new User Generated Content (UGC) Policy for social media users.

As a tattoo blog, we often feature and share photographs and videos that were generated originally by members of the tattoo community on their personal and business platforms.

Directly uploaded to the website in the form of blogs, pages or articles, content is published in close co-ordination with and final sign-off from the individual, brand or party featured, who continue to own the original copyright of the content (photo, video) following its publication on Find out more by reading our Terms & Conditions.

This new UGC Policy now aims to protect our social media followers by putting in place a system through which Inkluded and its social media channels are able to share your content with your prior permission.

When uploading your tattoo-related content to Instagram, should you wish us to feature your content, please use the hashtag #Inkluded. By using the hashtag #Inkluded, you acknowledge and give your content for us to re-post, re-share and/or re-gram the image, video or post on our own Instagram (@InkludedBlog), Twitter (@InkludedBlog) and Facebook pages (Inkluded), and on the website, with full credit attributed to your profile on which the original content appeared. By using this hashtag #Inkluded, you also confirm to being at least 18 years old and agreeing for your profile and post information (photo, name, social handle, caption/description) to be shared in the same way along with the content.

In absence of use of the hashtag, Inkluded may seek permission from you before sharing your content through another form of written approval (email, direct message, post comment, reply) and will only re-share or re-post following your confirmation.

This policy was launched, and this page last updated, on 1 August 2017.